Can I connect an iPod to an iPhone?

Can I connect an iPod to an iPhone?

The iPhone (and other devices that run the iOS software, including Apple Watch, iPod touch, and iPad) supports peer-to-peer connectivity, which is the technical way of saying that these devices can communicate with one another directly via a Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth.

Do iPhones and iPods use the same charger?

Two devices, one charger, zero problems. It’s a common question: Your iPad and iPhone share the same connector, but their power adapters are different sizes and have different wattage ratings.

Does Apple Lightning to 30-pin adapter support audio?

This adapter lets you connect devices with a Lightning connector to many of your 30-pin accessories. * Supports analog audio output and USB audio, as well as syncing and charging.

How do I connect my iPod to an old receiver?

To connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your home stereo you just need a 3.5mm to RCA cable like this cable above. The two RCA connectors plug into the back of your stereo and the 3.5mm plugs into the headphone jack of your iPhone. Pretty much every stereo available has RCA inputs as the standard inputs on the back.

Can iPhone charger be used for iPad?

Yes, you can use your iPhone charger with the iPad. This should not damage the iPad or the charger. However, since the iPad is provided with a lower current the charging takes longer. Both the iPhone and iPad charge with 5V, but the iPad charger provides 2A while the iPhone charger only provides 1A.

What is the difference between a lightning connector and a 30-pin connector?

The main difference between the two adapters is that the standard version is a single piece, just 0.8 inches long (not including the Lightning plug), while the cable version separates the 30-pin port from the Lightning plug with a flexible, 7.5-inch (20 cm) cable that’s a little thicker and stiffer than Apple’s …

Are all Apple 30-pin connectors the same?

2 Answers. The USB-to-30-pin-dock cables are electrically identical. All of them can carry enough charging current for both devices.