Where is BFPO 15?

Where is BFPO 15?

BFPO Indicator List

BFPO Number Location Gallery
15 Herford /members-area/thegallery/germany/herford/
16 Sennelager / Paderborn /members-area/thegallery/sennelager/
17 Munster
18 Maastricht, Netherlands

What is my BFPO code?

Max weight – 30Kg

BFPO No. Post Code Location
2 BF1 3AA Washington
4 BF1 3AD Kathmandu
6 BF1 2AA Lisbon
8 BF1 2AB Naples

What is BFPO address?

The British Forces Post Office (BFPO) provides a postal service to HM Forces, separate from that provided by Royal Mail in the United Kingdom. BFPO addresses are used for the delivery of mail in the UK and around the world.

What can you send in Bfpo parcels?

What can you send?

  • Small Parcels up to 2kg with our Royal Mail services.
  • Small parcels not exceeding length 45cm, width 35cm and depth 16cm.
  • Larger items can be sent with Parcelforce Worldwide. Dependant on the BFPO number/location these can be up to 30kg.

Why is the British army in Somalia?

The UK is helping to develop a strong professional army to help promote long-term peace and conduct effective operations in the region to counter Al-Shabaab. We are proud to be supporting Somalia to strengthen its effort in this collective fight.

What can you send to a BFPO address?

The maximum weight that can be sent is 20 kilogram, subject to the restrictions each BFPO number. Customers may use their own envelope, but items containing money or jewellery must be sent using the Royal Mail special delivery prepaid envelopes if compensation cover for loss or damage is to apply.

Can BFPO track parcels?

The dedicated BFPO service desk will assist customers and provide up-to-date tracking information when required. Customers can still track items sent by signed for or special delivery in the usual way using carriers’ websites. The BFPO information app remains available for both Apple and Android.