What are the best skills for phantom to steal?

What are the best skills for phantom to steal?

Playing Phantom is extremely fun and is only let down by it’s low base damage. They can customize their loadout so that their skills complement the map they are training on; one of Phantom’s best skills to steal is the Cannon Bazooka that is great for horizontal maps.

Can Phantom steal a bind?

They can steal Ice Lightning Mage’s 4th job skill called Freezing Breath, which stuns up to 8 enemies for up to 25s.

Can Phantom steal Pathfinder?

First problem is that Phantom can steal a total of 5 skills from Pathfinders and out of that 5 skills 3 of them are buffs.

Are shades good Maplestory?

All the mobbing skills of Shade are very good, so you won’t struggle training this character through any of the different job advancements. As a bossing class, Shade has some useful utility skills that can help survivability. They have an early level bind skill called Spirit Trap that will stun an enemy for 10 seconds.

Is Phantom good Maplestory M?

Phantom has the power to copy the skills of characters in the various Explorer classes (Warrior, Magician, Bowman, Thief, Pirate, etc.). Even better, Phantom has one of the highest mobility and evasion rates in the game. If that weren’t awesome enough, Phantom can also drive cars at level 50…

Where is Gaston MapleStory?

Waist Deck

Function Manservant
Quests involved *A Proper Introduction Lumiere Light Show A Fine Piece of Bluffery Cash for Levels There’s a Limit to Everything Intelligrabber [Temple of Time] Seeking Lost Memories [Phantom]
Location Waist Deck

What can dark sight Dodge Maplestory?

Can i dodge that if i’m in dark sight?…Currently DS can be used to avoid the following:

  • All falling debris: Von bon/Magnus/Ursus/Lotus meteors, Vellum Stun spikes, Pierre hats, etc.
  • Gollux reverse key bomb.
  • Crimson Queen’s Fire DoT.
  • HMag Stun smoke.

Why is shade forgotten MapleStory?

Freud’s consciousness makes his appearance in the ship and recognizes Shade, though he forgot his name due to his sacrifice and the nature of the spell cast a century ago.

What weapon does shade use MapleStory?

Shade uses Strength as his main stat and is armed with Knuckles as his primary weapon and Fox Marbles as his secondary. Shade can summon spirits to aid him in battle and can boost his stats with special skills.