What is terminal block strip?

What is terminal block strip?

What are terminal blocks and strips? A terminal block or strip is a modular electrical connector that is designed to connect a single incoming wire to multiple outgoing wires. With its insulated construction, the components can distribute electrical power around a circuit (or to another one) safely and effectively.

What is power terminal block?

A terminal block is a modular, insulated block that secures two or more wires together. Factories use terminal blocks to secure and/or terminate wires. In their most basic form, terminal blocks consist of several individual terminals which are arranged in a long strip.

Are terminal blocks connected?

Terminal blocks at a glance Terminal blocks are available as rows, but each terminal connects to only a single wire.

What is a feed through terminal block?

Feed-through terminal blocks are characterized by two terminal points and a compact design. Ground terminals of the same shape are available to match the feed-through terminal blocks. All bridgeable terminal blocks can be bridged together easily with multi-conductor and function terminals.

How does terminal block work?

Terminal blocks are connectors that terminate a single wire and connect it to a circuit or other system. Another terminal type are terminal blocks with screws for holding an inserted cable on one end and a plug on the other end so that the block can be inserted into a female connector (this allows for hot-swapping).

What is feed through terminal block?

What are the different types of terminal blocks?


  • Device type. Image credits: Connectwell.com These blocks often look like a single level feed through terminals.
  • – Power Distribution blocks. These blocks are used in electrical power distribution.
  • Clamping options in terminal blocks.
  • What is the function of terminal blocks?

    A terminal block is tool used to safely connect two or more wires together. Also known as a terminal block connector, these blocks use a clamping component and conducting strip to secure and organize connecting wires. A terminal block allows users to join multiple outgoing wires to one singular incoming wire, thanks to its insulated frame and multiple terminals.

    What is the definition of terminal block?

    A terminal block (also called as connection terminal or terminal connector) is a modular block with an insulated frame that secures two or more wires together. It consists of a clamping component and a conducting strip. A typical simplest terminal block is as shown in the image below.

    What is marine terminal block?

    Our quality – tinned, marine grade terminal blocks are of huge benefit on most re-wire jobs. A terminal block – sometimes called junction block – is a convenient connection point for two wires. It acts like a bunch of splices, but in an organized way. Each ‘circuit’ has two adjacent screw terminals connected by metal plates.