How do I activate my partner profile?

How do I activate my partner profile?

To Create a Partner Profile

  1. In the SAP R/3 System home window, type WE20 into the command field and then click Continue (Enter) to display the Partner Profile: Initial Screen window.
  2. Type the name of the logical system created previously into the Partner number field, select LS for the Partner type, and select Create.

How do I make my partner profile active in SAP?

Go to WE20 and chose your partner. Go to classification tab. There will be a field called Partner Status. GIve the value as A and save it.

How do I view partner profiles in SAP?

Checking Partner Profiles

  1. Choose SAP Menu Tools IDoc Interface/ALE Administration Runtime Settings Partner Profile (WE20) .
  2. Position the cursor on your partner (identified by the partner number and partner type).
  3. Choose and in the following screen. A list of the check activities and their results is displayed.

How do I change my partner profile in SAP?


  1. Select partner type LS and choose your middleware (for instance X7TCLNT100).
  2. Create the outbound parameters in the Outbound parmtrs.
  3. Enter message type DESADV , INVOIC , ORDCHG , ORDERS , ORDRSP and SYNCH as the outbound parameters.

How can I check my partner profile?

How does IDoc maintain partner profile?

To manually create partner profiles

  1. Enter /nWE20 transaction in the command field and click Enter. The Partner Profiles window opens.
  2. Select from the Partners menu, Create or Display Change to create a new profile or to modify an existing profile.
  3. Enter Outbound parameters or Inbound parameters as appropriate.

How do I find my IDoc Partner profile?

Are partner profiles in SAP transportable?

In lot of projects, there is a huge number of partner profiles to be configured. These have to be then manually keyed in every environment. Following blog explains how partner profiles can be transport using SAP Transports. This will save several days of effort depending on the scope.

How do I create a partner account on IDoc?

What is partner profile in IDoc?

A partner profile contains parameters that define the electronic interchange of data between systems using the IDoc interface. Only one partner profile is required per Data Hub installation. Inbound parameters are for sending data from SAP Commerce to the back end.

What is EDPP1 SAP?

EDPP1 is a standard ALE Integration Technology Transparent Table in SAP Basis application, which stores EDI Partner (general partner profiles – inb. and outb.) You can use the transaction code SE16 to view the data in this table, and SE11 TCode for the table structure and definition.

How do you define a partner profile?

A partner profile is a definition of parameters for the electronic interchange of data with a trading partner using the IDoc interface.To communicate with a partner using the IDoc interface, you must create a partner profile.