What is Movie Saints and Soldiers about?

What is Movie Saints and Soldiers about?

After Nazis ambush a brigade of Allied soldiers in Belgium, the few remaining survivors, including the sniper, Deacon (Corbin Allred), and Pvt. Kendrick (Lawrence Bagby), take cover in a nearby forest. There, they meet stranded British intelligence officer Oberon (Kirby Heyborne), who has time-sensitive information of vital importance to the Allied effort. Despite the various inner conflicts each of the soldiers carry, they band together to get Oberon safely back into Allied territory.
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Is the movie Saints and Soldiers based on a true story?

It is loosely based on events that took place after the Malmedy massacre during the Battle of the Bulge. The film stars Corbin Allred, Alexander Niver, Lawrence Bagby and Peter Asle Holden as the four American soldiers trying to return Kirby Heyborne, a British soldier with vital intelligence, to the Allied lines.

Where was Saints and Soldiers the void filmed?

Alpine, Utah
Saints and Soldiers: The Void is a 2014 war drama film directed and written by Ryan Little. The film stars K. Danor Gerald, Adam Gregory, and Matt Meese. The most expensive of the Saints and Soldiers films due to its use of tanks, it was filmed in Alpine, Utah.

Why is Saints and Soldiers Rated PG 13?

MPAA explanation: War violence and related images.

Is Saints and Soldiers in English?

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Is Saints and Soldiers on Netflix?

Watch Saints and Soldiers on Netflix Today! NetflixMovies.com.

Is Saints and Soldiers an LDS movie?

Even though the first “Saints and Soldiers” included a strong LDS element, the movie’s producer wants to make it clear: The “Saints and Soldiers” genre is about the decency of men in war, not about religion. “But it’s more of the exploration of humanity within war than a movie about religion. “War is ugly.