What are high paying jobs for highschool students?

What are high paying jobs for highschool students?

Ice cream scooper. National average salary: $10.76 per hour.

  • Server. National average salary: $11.37 per hour.
  • Barista. National average salary: $11.52 per hour.
  • Lifeguard. National average salary: $11.74 per hour.
  • Prep cook.
  • Movie theater cashier or usher.
  • Front desk receptionist.
  • Yard worker.
  • How can a teenager get a summer job?

    Here are a few tips to beat the competition for the choicest summer gigs.

    1. Put the word out to your network.
    2. Find out the local “release dates”
    3. Look for seasonal businesses.
    4. Ask your local mom-and-pop stores.
    5. Be authentic about your job fit.
    6. Don’t be “that guy” or “that girl”
    7. Prepare for interviews.

    What is the #1 career that high schoolers are most interested in?

    Desire to pursue STEM careers is high: “In fact, the most popular careers were in STEM-related fields with 45 percent of respondents expressing the most interest in careers such as physician, mechanical engineer, computer programmer or marine biologist, with the health care field drawing the most interest.

    How can I make money over the summer at 13?

    After school jobs for 13 year olds that pay

    1. Babysitting. Babysitting kids in your local area has long been a great way for how could a 13 year old make money.
    2. Dog walker.
    3. Pet sitting.
    4. Tutor.
    5. Wash cars.
    6. Clean out garages or basements.
    7. Yardwork.
    8. Painting.

    How can I make money over the summer at 14?

    6 Ways 14-Year-Olds Can Make Money

    1. Babysitter. Adie Bush/Getty Images.
    2. Working for a Business or Restaurant. gchutka/Getty Images.
    3. Paper Route. Rocko and Betty/Getty Images.
    4. Yard Work and Snow Shoveling. Hero Images/Getty Images.
    5. Pet Care. redheadpictures/Getty Images.
    6. Junior Camp Counselor. Susan Chiang/Getty Images.

    What are good jobs for high school graduates?

    The Best Jobs for High School Graduates:

    • Home Health Aide.
    • Personal Care Aide.
    • Landscaper and Groundskeeper.
    • Flight Attendant.
    • Physical Therapist Aide.
    • Taxi Driver.
    • Exterminator.
    • Maintenance and Repair Worker.

    Can 17 year olds work at Amazon?

    No, the required age to work at Amazon is 18. Amazon requires a completed High School degree or GED. There is a temp agency that has lower standards that fills many of the Amazon positions.