How do I get box sets on Sky?

How do I get box sets on Sky?

If you are an existing Sky TV subscriber, all you need to do is access your account details using your remote control. Then go to the Sky Shop. Just select ‘Sky Box Sets’ in the shop and then follow the on-screen prompts.

Can you still get sky box sets?

Please note that Sky Box Sets is now a part of the Sky Signature package. Sky Box Sets is a feature of the Sky Signature package which gives you unlimited, on demand access to 500 different series. You can browse through all of the available titles and then select an episode to download it straight to your Sky Q box.

Are some sky box sets free?

All Sky television customers will receive free access to the service’s full catalogue of box sets this week. To activate the offer, customers need to head to the ‘on demand’ section of Sky Q, or the Sky Box Sets section on Sky+.

Is Sky Box sets the same as on demand?

Sky TV on demand offers you a world of entertainment through your Sky Q and Sky+HD box including Box Sets, Catch Up TV and Ultimate TV (Netflix through Sky).

What are good box sets on Sky?

20 of the best TV box sets on Sky and Now TV right now

  • Gangs of London.
  • Broad City.
  • The Newsroom.
  • Band of Brothers.
  • Boardwalk Empire.
  • Succession.
  • Game of Thrones.
  • Big Little Lies.

What sky box sets are available?

Best TV shows to watch on Sky Box Sets right now

  • Watch Succession on Westworld.
  • Watch Westworld on Sky. Chernobyl.
  • Watch Game of Thrones on Sky. True Detective.
  • Watch True Detective on Sky. The Sopranos.
  • Watch The Sopranos on Sky. Watchmen.
  • Watch Watchmen on Sky.
  • Watch The Wire on Sky.
  • Watch Band of Brothers on Sky.

What box sets are available on Sky?

What box sets are trending now?

Can I reduce my Sky package?

It’s quite easy to remove or cancel certain packages from your account. Go to My Sky on TV or Broadband & Talk (depending on what you want to amend) and sign in. Then select the product you would like to remove from the Your Package section. Just follow the links to make the changes.