Where is the house from Beverly Hills Cop 2?

Where is the house from Beverly Hills Cop 2?

The house undergoing renovation, where ‘Beverly Hills Building Investigator’ Foley squats for the duration of the movie, is not ‘1603 Hillcrest Road’, it’s 614 Walden Drive, which runs north from Santa Monica Boulevard to Lomitas Avenue, east of Los Angeles Country Club – and it is really in Beverly Hills.

What house was used in Beverly Hills Cop?

It’s the 700-room Millennium Biltmore Hotel, 506 South Grand Avenue, a smart Spanish-Italian Renaissance landmark, not in Beverly Hills at all but downtown Los Angeles.

What hotel was used in Beverly Hills Cop II?

the Biltmore Hotel
This is actually the Biltmore Hotel, located 11 miles to the east, at 506 South Grand Ave, in downtown Los Angeles.

Is the house in commando the same as Beverly Hills Cop?

The mansion used in the final shootout between Matrix and Arius (the former Harold Lloyd estate in Beverly Hills) is the same mansion seen in the final shootout between Axel Foley and Victor Maitland in Beverly Hills Cop (1984).

What is the Harrow Club Beverly Hills?

The Harrow club was actually the Faculty Club building (known as The Athenaeum) on the campus of CalTech (the California Institute of Technology), at the SE corner of California Blvd & Hill Ave, in Pasadena.

Where was Beverly Hills Cop 3 filmed?

Filming. The final chase scene through the “Land of the Dinosaurs”, featuring 11 animatronic dinosaurs, was filmed at Universal Studios Stage 37. Exterior scenes set in the theme park were filmed at Paramount’s Great America in Santa Clara, California, after Knott’s Berry Farm declined permission.

Who owns the house in Beverly Hills Cop?

Purchased in 1994 for just $3.17M, the estate is now back on the market following the recent divorce of its owners—author Victoria Foyt and film director Henry Jaglom.

Is there a Harrow Club in Beverly Hills?

How much is the Beverly Hills Hotel worth?

The luxury SLS Beverly Hills hotel created by hotel and nightclub mogul Sam Nazarian has been sold for $195 million to Torrance multilevel marketing and hotel firm Sunrider International.

Is Commando connected to Predator?

Commando shares a universe with two other huge franchises: Predator and Die Hard. Each movie references a certain fictional location: Val Verde. Steven de Souza explains that the General from Die Hard 2 is from this country, and it’s the hunting ground for the Predator.

Who was Arnold Schwarzenegger stunt double in commando?

Peter Kent
Arnold Schwarzenegger With His Stunt Double Peter Kent On The Set Of Commando – 1985 | Arnold schwarzenegger, Schwarzenegger, Stunt doubles.