What is inoculum preparation?

What is inoculum preparation?

Inoculum preparation involves obtaining the organisms in an optimal state that is compatible with inoculation into cell culture, tissue culture, media, and fermentors. The prime objective is usually to achieve a high level of viable biomass in a suitable physiological state for use as an inoculum.

What is inoculum and its importance?

Growers know to achieve this goal, the process must start with the seed, and that means inoculation. Inoculation is a farming practice that helps growers give their crops a productive start to the season, improving plant vigor and return-per-acre potential each year. Early planting.

Which are used for the yeast inoculum preparation?

Inoculum was prepared by transferring cells of S. cerevisiae into a 500 mL flask containing 100 mL of the culture medium (20 g/L glucose, 3 g/L peptone, 4 g/L yeast extract; pH 7.0), and incubating this at 30°C for 12 h.

What is importance of inoculum development in fermentation process?

The fermentation process involves an inoculum development step, which is the preparation of a population of microorganisms from a stock dormant culture to a state useful for inoculating a final production fermenter.

What is the inoculum effect?

The inoculum effect (IE) is a laboratory phenomenon that is described as a significant increase in the minimal inhibitory concentration of an antibiotic when the number of organisms inoculated is increased. The IE generally occurs with beta-lactam antibiotics in relation to beta-lactamase-producing bacteria.

What are the sources of inoculum?

Sources of Inoculum The inoculum sometimes is present right in the plant debris or soil in the field where the crop is grown; other times it comes into the field with the seed, transplants, tubers, or other propagative organs or it may come from sources outside the field.

What is the use of inoculum?

Definition. noun, plural. (1) Cells used in an inoculation, such as cells added to start a culture. (2) A biological material (like a virus or toxin or immune serum) that is injected into a human to induce or increase immunity to a particular disease.

What is yeast inoculum?

Inoculation is the process of adding yeast to juice/must to begin fermentation. This is typically done immediately following solids separation for white grape varieties, and after some period of cold soaking for red varieties.

What is inoculum of bacteria?

The inoculum is any part of the pathogen that can initiate infection. Thus, in fungi the inoculum may be spores (Figs. 2-3A–2-3C), sclerotia (i.e., a compact mass of mycelium), or fragments of mycelium. In bacteria, mollicutes, protozoa, viruses, and viroids, the inoculum is always whole individuals of bacteria (Fig.

What is inoculum in plant pathology?

Inoculation is the pathogen or any part of the pathogen that contacts with the plant at certain site to initiate the infection process, such as spores, sclerotia, or fragments of mycelium of fungi may be fungal inoculum.

What is a primary source of inoculum?

Mummified fruit was the main source of primary inoculum for species of Alternaria and Epicoccum, whereas mummified fruit and bark were equally important for species of Colletotrichum and Diaporthe.