Is Principal Skinner dead?

Is Principal Skinner dead?

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Is Seymour Skinner a virgin?

When several parents protest that their children saw them having sexual intercourse in the janitor’s closet, Seymour insists that is untrue because he is a 44-year-old virgin.

Is Principal Skinner still a Vietnam vet?

Background. Seymour Skinner is a veteran of this war. In addition, Kent Brockman acted as a correspondent to the Vietnam War in his past, which he noted when covering the riot at Kamp Krusty with the implication that the latter event was even worse.

What happened to Seymour Skinner?

In “Treehouse of Horror XX”, Skinner was killed by Bart.

Where is Principal Skinner from?

It is revealed Skinner (AKA Armin Tamzarian) was born in New Orleans. The real Seymour Skinner had been alive after all and briefly returned to Springfield to take his rightful place as Springfield Elementary School Principal, but proved hopelessly unpopular and the Springfielders ran him out of town on the railroad.

Is Principal Skinner Armenian?

Better known to you and me as Principal Skinner, Bart Simpson’s arch enemy was born Armin Tamzarian, a street punk of Armenian descent, but after returning from Vietnam he borrowed his former commander’s name and life and went on to teach at Springfield Elementary.