Can I still use Anki drive?

Can I still use Anki drive?

On November 17, 2017, we officially ended support of the Drive app and related hardware. Official end-of-life for the Anki OVERDRIVE and OVERDRIVE: Fast and Furious Edition will occur on August 15th, 2021.

How much does Anki drive cost?

We tested the $149.99 Anki Drive Starter Kit, which gives you everything you need to race with a friend or on your own.

Is Anki out of business?

The San Francisco-based Anki shut down in April last year after running out of money. The company said it sold more than 1.5 million robots in its lifetime, including AI-controlled racing cars, known as Anki Overdrive, and a pair of social robots called Cozmo and Vector.

Does Anki drive work with Anki Overdrive app?

You can drive Anki OVERDRIVE cars on Anki DRIVE tracks using the new OVERDRIVE app in Open Play mode. The new OVERDRIVE track system can only be used in the new OVERDRIVE app. Anki OVERDRIVE features a Tournament mode exclusive to OVERDRIVE cars and tracks; Anki DRIVE cars are not compatible with this feature.

What is the difference between Anki drive and Anki overdrive?

Anki Drive had a large, roll-out vinyl track that you could store in tube form and simply lay it out when you wanted to play. Anki Overdrive switches to a modular track system, one that is built through connecting different shaped pieces together.

Is Anki going out of business?

It went bankrupt in April 2019 and shut down the following month. In December 2019, Anki assets, including OVERDRIVE, Cozmo, and Vector, were acquired by Digital Dream Labs….Anki (company)

Type Private
Defunct May 2019
Headquarters San Francisco , USA
Products Cozmo Vector Anki Overdrive Anki Drive
Website Anki (

How does the Anki Drive Starter Kit work?

Setup is easy, simply rollout the starter track, download the free Anki DRIVE app, and take control of your car Starter Kit includes: 2 Anki DRIVE cars (Boson & Kourai), 2 charging cases + power cord, Starter Track (3.5′ x 8.5′), tire cleaner

Is there an Anki Drive app for Android?

To get into the race, download the free Anki Drive app from the App Store or Google Play. Players must have an iOS or Android device to control a car. Check compatibility at

What are the names of the robots in Anki Drive?

Open the box, unroll the track, and unleash two unique robot car warriors: Boson, the Fast Attacker, and Kourai, the Agile Striker. Challenge friends to a head-to-head battle, or see if you have what it takes to beat a self-controlled robot car. To get into the race, download the free Anki Drive app from the App Store or Google Play.

Do you need an expansion track for Anki Drive?

Turn any flat surface in your home into your own battleground. The track is durable and holds up to paw and footprints. Add an expansion track (sold separately) to boost the family fun and challenge even the most skilled drivers. Each expansion car has its own deadly arsenal of exclusive upgrades, weapons and gadgets.