What are HOA fees in Wild Dunes?

What are HOA fees in Wild Dunes?

For each sold transaction in Wild Dunes resort, there is a 1/2 of 1% of the purchase price “transfer fee” to Wild Dunes Community Association due at closing. For example: $500,000 sale price = $2500 transfer fee. Yearly HOA dues of $924 for the upkeep of the entire resort.

Is Wild Dunes owned by Hyatt?

Wild Dunes Resort, a Destination by Hyatt Hotel, Appoints Robb Walker as New Managing Director. CHARLESTON, S.C. – April 1, 2021 – Wild Dunes Resort, a Destination by Hyatt hotel in Isle of Palms, S.C., is pleased to announce the appointment of Robb Walker as Managing Director.

Can you drink alcohol on Isle of Palms beach?

Glass bottles and alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the beach. No overnight sleeping on beach. Sand dunes are protected and fragile.

Is Isle of Palm nice?

Isle of Palms is a family-friendly beach located 18 miles (or about 30 minutes) from downtown Charleston. For many people visiting the area, this is their go-to beach just due to the abundance of vacation rentals on the island. If you aren’t staying on the Isle of Palms, it may not be the best beach just to visit.

Is the beach at Wild Dunes private?

Wild Dunes is a wonderful private community located on 1,600 acres on the northern end of the Isle of Palms. Developed in 1972, it was the first Planned Residential Community in the State of South Carolina.

What happens if you get caught drinking on the beach?

Yes, that’s right – getting caught with a beer on the beach could cost you up to $500 or jail time. If you’ve come to the beach looking to relax with some good friends and a couple of drinks and you find yourself charged with possessing alcohol, beer, or wine on the beach, contact the Complete Legal Defense Team.

How do you get past Wild Dunes?

Although Wild Dunes Resort doesn’t offer airport shuttle service, the resort can arrange transportation if you fly in and don’t want to rent a car. Walking or bicycling around the resort is easy to do.

Does Wild Dunes have an indoor pool?

1 of 43Wild Dunes, Charleston, golf cart, indoor pool, 4000 sq ft full of fun and relaxation.