Can I work and still get unemployment in GA?

Can I work and still get unemployment in GA?

I am still working, but my employer reduced my hours. Can I receive benefits? Individuals whose hours have been reduced are eligible to receive benefits if your gross earnings plus the earnings allowance does not exceed your weekly benefit amount.

How do I submit a work search for unemployment in Georgia?

SUBMITTING YOUR WORK SEARCH Computers are available at your local GDOL Career Center. It is recommended you submit your work search immediately upon completing your weekly certification by Internet or Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Weekly Work Search Record (DOL 2798) . This is the only form that will be accepted.

How do I register my employer in Georgia?

You can access the Online Employer Tax Registration on the Department of Labor’s website. After you fill out your business information, you will receive a determination stating if you’re responsible for paying unemployment insurance taxes. If you are, you will receive instructions for setting up an account.

Does Georgia require work Search for unemployment?

Under state law, Georgians can only receive unemployment benefits during weeks they actively seek work. Starting July 4, unemployed Georgians will have to submit evidence they’re looking for work to the state Department of Labor.

How do I register for payroll in GA?

Companies who pay employees in Georgia must register with the GA Department of Revenue (DOR) for a Withholding Account Number and the GA Department of Labor (DOL) for a DOL Account Number. Apply online at the GA DOR using an EIN to receive the number within 15 minutes by email.

How do I register for payroll taxes in Georgia?

Online registration is available through Georgia Tax Center (GTC), a secure electronic customer self-service portal. After your online submission, you should receive your specific tax account number within 15 minutes by email.