Where does Spec Ops The line take place?

Where does Spec Ops The line take place?

Spec Ops: The Line is a third-person shooter set in the sandy city of Dubai during a terrible sandstorm. As both the eleventh game in the Spec Ops franchise and an overall reboot of the series, Spec Ops: The Line offers a gameplay experience that’s less tactical and more in line with modern shooters like Gears of War and Tom Clancy’s The Division .

How to delete Spec Ops The line on Steam?

Install the latest Nvidia PhysX System Software. Right click Spec Ops: The Line in the Steam games list. Click on Properties. Under Local Files, select Verify Integrity of Game Cache. Launch the game at least once. Go to %USERPROFILE% \\ Documents \\My Games\\. Delete the SpecOps-TheLine folder.

Is the Spec Ops The line a trademark?

Take-Two Interactive Software, 2K Games, Spec Ops and Spec Ops: The Line, and their respective logos are all trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. [FOR NORTH AMERICA: The ratings icon is a trademark of the Entertainment Software Association.] Yager and the Yager logo are trademarks of Yager Development GmbH.

Where can I find a spec ops walkthrough?

Walkthrough videos by GameOne and SkaylerNet used with many thanks. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

The game is set in Dubai, which has been ravaged by sandstorms, a story set-up inspired by Davis’ and Williams’ personal experience with heat waves, hurricanes, and sandstorms in Louisiana and Lubbock, as well as a story about a Persian army that vanished in an Egyptian desert in a sandstorm.

How to fix line fadditionalfov in Spec Ops?

Open the folder where Flawless Widescreen is installed. Go into PluginCache\\FWS_Plugins\\Modules\\SpecOpsTheLine\\Dependencies\\Scripts\\. Edit SpecOpsTheLine.lua with a text editor. Find the line fAdditionalFOV = Sender:GetScaledFloat (5). Change (5) to (2) and save the file. Launch Flawless Widescreen and adjust the slider.

Who are the lieutenants in Spec Ops The line?

As a third-person shooter with an emphasis on squad-based tactics, players can issue commands to Sergeant Lugo and Lieutenant Adams, who accompany the player for most of the game. Available commands include focusing fire on one particular target and ordering medical attention for an injured squad member.

What kind of awards did Spec Ops The line win?

Spec Ops: The Line was nominated for Best Shooter, and the White Phosphorus scene was nominated for Best Gaming Moments at the Golden Joystick Awards. At the 2012 Inside Gaming Awards, the game won for Best Narrative and was nominated for Best Game Cinematography.