How much do TVA employees make?

How much do TVA employees make?

What is the average salary for Tennessee Valley Authority employees? Tennessee Valley Authority employees earn $65,000 annually on average, or $31 per hour, which is 2% lower than the national salary average of $66,000 per year.

What is a TVA employee?

TVA employees are your friends, your family, your neighbors. Learn about the ways they serve the Tennessee Valley through their work in energy, environmental stewardship and economic development.

Is Tennessee Valley Authority a good place to work?

TVA is an organization where you can definitely thrive. They offer very competitive salaries and benefits. The work life balance is also quite good. I highly recommend this company.

How much does CEO of TVA make?

Compensation by Company

Name And Title Total Compensation
Jeffrey J. Lyash President and Chief Executive Officer Total Compensation $5,025,586 View details
Timothy S. Rausch Executive Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer Total Compensation $1,726,784 View details

Does TVA get federal funding?

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is a federally-owned electric utility corporation in the United States. While owned by the federal government, TVA receives no taxpayer funding and operates similar to a for-profit company.

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Who does TVA report to?

The Tennessee Valley Authority is governed by a nine member part-time Board of Directors, nominated by the President of the United States, and confirmed by the Senate. A minimum of seven of the directors are required to be a resident of TVA’s service area.

What TVA means?

U.S. Government. Tennessee Valley Authority: a three-member board, created in 1933, charged with developing the Tennessee River and its tributaries to promote their use for inexpensive electric power, irrigation, flood control, navigation, etc. Since 1933 many projects have been constructed, including numerous dams.

What is TVA?

The TVA, or Tennessee Valley Authority, was established in 1933 as one of President Roosevelt’s Depression-era New Deal programs, providing jobs and electricity to the rural Tennessee River Valley, an area that spans seven states in the South.