How much does a Walther PPS weigh?

How much does a Walther PPS weigh?

19.4 oz

Walther PPS
Mass 550 g (19.4 oz) (9×19mm Parabellum empty) 560 g (19.8 oz) (.40 S&W empty)
Length 160.5 mm (6.32 in)
Barrel length 81 mm (3.2 in)
Width 27 mm (1.1 in) (including controls)

What is the trigger pull on a Walther PPS M2?

The base model PPS M2 9MM pistol is 3.18-inches long at the barrel with an overall length of 6.3-inches. Empty, its weight comes in at 21.1-ounces with a 6.1-pound trigger pull and a diminutive, barely-there, one-inch width for that time when concealed carry is needed the most.

Is the Walther PPS M2 a good gun?

What has been experienced is a recoil impulse unusually pleasant for such a small gun. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Walther PPS M2 behaves more like a comfortable bigger gun than a single-stack 9mm. This attribute is especially valuable for those wise enough to spend time training with their gun.

How reliable is the Walther PPS?

The Walther PPS is a credible and reliable 9mm. The sights are well regulated for 115-grain loads. The trigger is well designed for all-around use. The trigger features about 1/8 inch of takeup before breaking at six pounds even.

Is a Walther PPS 9mm?

The Walther PPS M2 is a slim, ergonomic, single stack striker fired 9mm pistol that is perfect for concealed carry. Measuring only 1″ wide, the compact PPS is easy and comfortable to carry every day….WHAT’S IN THE BOX.

Product Name Walther PPS M2 9mm 3.2″ Barrel 7+1
Caliber 9mm
Action Striker Fire
Barrel 3.00″ – 5.99″

What comes with the Walther PPS?

Features of the PPS include: Ambidextrous Magazine Release, Two Magazine Sizes (Third Optional), Loaded Chamber & Cocking Indicators, Small & Large Backstrap, Trigger Safety, Internal Striker Safety, Walther QuickSafe Safety.

Are Walther pistols good?

The guns from Walther are popular with European police and foreign militaries, but their success in these overseas markets hasn’t translated into a similar interest here in America. That’s a shame because the Walther pistols are excellent guns ‒ probably the best service pistols you’ve never fired.