Does Citroen C1 2011 have Isofix?

Does Citroen C1 2011 have Isofix?

You do get ISOFIX mounts for child seats, but you’ll want the five-door version to install them (and the kids) unless you’re a contortionist.

Does Citroen C1 2010 have Isofix?

In addition, Citroen C1 VTR+ models come equipped with a host of standard safety features including front lateral airbags and Isofix child seat anchorage points on the rear seats.

How do I know if my car has Isofix fittings?

To find out if your car has Isofix points, look for Isofix labels between the base and back of your car seats (the fitting points themselves may also be visible) or check your vehicle’s handbook or contact the manufacturer or dealer.

Can you put car seat in car without ISOFIX?

Child safety seats without ISOFIX are available, too. Car seats that do not feature ISOFIX fittings are usually called universal car seats which can be used in almost all vehicles – even in vintage vehicles. The prerequisite for these car seats is that your car is equipped with a belt which is long enough.

Where is Citroen C1 spare wheel?

The position of the spare wheel on your Citroen C1 may vary depending on year of manufacture. Most of the time you will find her under the trunk, accessible from inside the boot, or sometimes accessible from the outside by unscrewing the clips in the boot of your Citroen C1.