Can you upload images to Tinder?

Can you upload images to Tinder?

The Tinder app now lets you upload photos directly from your camera roll, instead of having to import them from your Facebook profile. Since its inception, Tinder only allowed its users to upload a photo if it was from their Facebook-connected account.

Why won’t my photos upload to Tinder?

Make sure your internet connection is strong, and then delete and reinstall the app. This will not only put you on the latest version of Tinder, but also refresh your app experience, which should get things running smoothly again! If this doesn’t do the trick, report ongoing issues to us by getting in touch.

Can you send camera roll on Tinder?

Well, unfortunately… the short answer is NO: you can’t send pics on Tinder (even if you have Tinder Gold). But all is not lost… There are some other creative methods to send picture messages that I’ve figured out.

How do I add more photos to my gallery on Tinder?

Media. To add a photo or video to your profile, tap the profile icon on the main screen > Add Media.

How do I upload pics to Tinder?

To do this, simply open up the chat window inside Tinder, select the match you want to send a picture to, open up the conversation, tap the three dots (hamburger menu) in the corner and select the option to send a picture – you- can send a picture from your Facebook, from your phone’s storage, or just take a selfie …

How do you add more than 9 photos to Tinder?

How To Add More Than 9 Photos On Tinder. Open up a photo editing tool and combine multiple photos into one i.e. 2 into 1 or 4 into 1 and upload that combined photo. With that said, you don’t need more than 4-6 photos on a dating profile as you will likely sabotage your profile with a bad photo.

How Tinder smart photos work?

It’s simple: Smart Photos alternates the photo first seen by others when you’re shown on Tinder, notes each response as others swipe on you, and reorders your photos to show your best ones first. In testing, members saw up to a 12% increase in matches.