What is the best calendar app for my iPhone?

What is the best calendar app for my iPhone?

24me. Best iPhone calendar app for keeping your schedule, tasks, and notes together.

  • Apple Calendar. Best iPhone calendar app for bringing all your calendars into one place.
  • Awesome Calendar.
  • Calendars 5.
  • Fantastical 2.
  • Google Calendar.
  • Microsoft Outlook Calendar.
  • Peek.
  • What calendar app does iPhone use?

    Apple’s calendar app comes preinstalled on all iPhones, iPads, Mac computers, and other Apple OS-powered devices. It can also be accessed from a web browser on any device through your iCloud account. As expected, you won’t find Apple’s calendar app for any Android or Windows devices.

    What’s the best free calendar app?

    The 9 Best Calendar Apps to Stay Organized in 2020

    1. Google Calendar. Cost: FreePlatforms: Android, iOS, Web.
    2. Apple Calendar. Cost: Free.
    3. Microsoft Outlook Calendar.
    4. Calendly.
    5. Fantastical.
    6. Any.do.
    7. Lightning Calendar by Thunderbird.
    8. Timepage.

    Are there any free calendar apps?

    The best free calendar app is Google Calendar for managing events, tasks, and meetings on both android and iOS.

    How do I put my calendar on my home screen?

    Finding Your Calendar App on Android

    1. Opening the app drawer.
    2. Selecting the calendar app and holding it.
    3. Dragging the app upwards onto your home screen.
    4. Dropping the app wherever you like. If you want to relocate it, drag it to the desired location.

    How can I search calendars on my iPhone?

    Run the Calendar app

  • Select List from the bottom menu
  • Enter the search term in the search field at the top of the screen
  • Does the iPhone Calendar app delete old events?

    Open the Calendar app on your iPhone or iPad

  • Tap on the date that has the event. Dates with dots are the ones with events
  • Tap on the event name.
  • Tap Delete Event.
  • you have the option to choose between Delete This Event Only and Delete All Future Events.
  • How to delete past calendar events on my iPhone?

    Method 1 Delete Calendar Events from Calendar Application on iPhone/iPad Launch your Calendar App on your iPhone/iPad. Click on “Calendar” at the button of the app. Select the “Edit” button at the top of the screen. Select the calendar event that you would want to delete. Click on “Delete Calendar,” you will see a popup requesting that you confirm your action by clicking on “delete.” Click on “delete” to finish the process.