What is SurgiMend made of?

What is SurgiMend made of?

SurgiMend® PRS™ is made of pure collagen, has no preservatives, and is free of contaminants, artificial chemical crosslinks, and denatured proteins. It is terminally sterilized – never treated with potentially antigenic antibiotics.

Is AlloDerm a biologic implant?

It is a biologic mesh-like material derived from animals or donated (cadaveric) human skin. Alloderm is a human product and is the most widely used ADM. It is used in many different types of reconstructive surgery including breast reconstruction.

What is AlloDerm?

Alloderm is a brand of acellular dermal matrix (ADM) that is commonly used in breast reconstruction procedures. ADMs are pliable, versatile sheets of dehydrated tissue from which the cells have been removed. Acellular dermal matrix acts like a scaffolding and provides extra support during breast reconstructive surgery.

Why is AlloDerm used in breast reconstruction?

AlloDerm tissue is sewn to the chest muscle to provide a hammock-like support for the implant. The AlloDerm tissue is essentially making the chest-muscle space larger, allowing a permanent full-sized breast implant to be inserted without having to use a tissue expander.

Is SurgiMend a mesh?

SurgiMend Mesh will be used according to FDA approved recommendations for the use of abdominal wall hernia reinforcement. SurgiMend is intended for implantation to reinforce soft tissue where weakness exists and for surgical repair of damaged or ruptured soft tissue membranes.

What is strattice biologic mesh?

Surgical Mesh. DEvICE DESCRIPTIon. STRATTICE™ Reconstructive Tissue Matrix Perforated (“STRATTICE™ TM” or “the surgical mesh”) is a surgical mesh that is derived from porcine skin and is processed and preserved in a patented phosphate buffered aqueous solution containing matrix stabilizers.

Which side of AlloDerm goes down?

ALLODERM SELECT™ RTM has two distinct sides, the “dermal” side and the “basement membrane” side. The dermal side absorbs blood. The basement membrane side repels blood. The dermal side should be placed against the most vascular tissue.

Where is AlloDerm used?

AlloDerm is an acellular dermal matrix that is derived from human cadaver skin. AlloDerm is used mainly for breast reconstruction purposes, but has other uses in other fields of surgery. When sutured to the breast pocket, it integrates with the patient’s own tissue.

What is SurgiMend mesh?

SurgiMend® is a unique acellular collagen matrix derived from fetal and neonatal bovine dermis. SurgiMend offers clear advantages over synthetic and other biologic products for soft tissue repair and reconstruction. SurgiMend is the Strongest, Thickest Biologic Matrix 9.

Is strattice mesh a biologic?

The industry leader for biological tissue matrices in complex abdominal wall reconstruction. STRATTICE™ Reconstructive Tissue Matrix (RTM) is a porcine-derived acellular dermal matrix that has demonstrated efficacy in the reinforcement of abdominal wall reconstruction.