What happened to Autolite?

What happened to Autolite?

The former Autolite portion became the Prestolite Motor and Ignition Company, later Prestolite Electric.

Are Autolite spark plugs made in China?

Made in China. The made in China box has the number 85 and barcode actually printed on the box, the Mexico versions have the number 85 and barcode stamped on the box after the fact. Both boxes also state where they are made on the back in fine print.

When did Autolite become Motorcraft?

History. Ford launched this auto parts division in 1972 to provide replacement parts and original equipment parts. This brand replaced Autolite as Ford’s official parts brand.

Are Autolite and Motorcraft the same?

“As a division of the Honeywell Corporation, Autolite is the manufacturer responsible for the production of all Motorcraft spark plugs in North America for the Ford Motor Company. Both Autolite and Ford/Motorcraft spark plugs are built to quality standards using quality components.

Are Autolite spark plugs pre gapped?

Autolite® and all spark plug manufacturers offer spark plugs pre-gapped in the most popular gap sizes. Because of the many gap sizes required, no one offers spark plugs properly gapped for every application. Gapping has always been the job of the installer.

What spark plugs are made in the USA?

ACDelco Professional PLATINUM Spark Plug (Pack of 8) Made in USA.

Where are Bosch spark plugs made?

Now working closely with global engine manufacturers, Bosch produce spark plugs with 26 different electrode layouts. They have expanded their production facilities from their Bamberg plant in Germany and now also manufacture in Brazil, China, India and Russia, distributing their car parts worldwide.

What brand is Ford OEM parts?

Motorcraft is a manufacturer of auto parts for Ford Motor Company.

What spark plugs do Ford use?

SPARK PLUG BRANDS Today, you may find some GM or Ford engines factory-equipped with Bosch spark plugs, Mazda engines equipped with Motorcraft spark plugs, Chrysler engines equipped with NGK or DENSO spark plugs, and so on. Most late model Saturn engines use NGK spark plugs.

What brand of spark plugs does Ford use?

Genuine Ford Motorcraft® Spark Plugs. At Ford Parts Center we have Genuine Spark Plugs for all Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. Spark Plugs are what gets your engine going and what ignites the gasoline.