Why did Quest for Camelot flop?

Why did Quest for Camelot flop?

Quest for Camelot suffered from some studio shake ups at the time and a short production schedule that had the film in turmoil before it was ever released, which is too bad because the premise at least had some clever ideas.

Will there be a Quest for Camelot 2?

Quest for Camelot II is a direct-to-DVD sequel to Quest for Camelot..

How long is Quest For Camelot?

1h 26m
Quest for Camelot/Running time

Who sings for Garrett in Quest for Camelot?

Garrett is the deuteragonist of the 1998 film Quest for Camelot, He is voiced by Cary Elwes and his singing voice is provided by Bryan White.

Did Kaley and Garrett get married Quest for Camelot?

By working together for the first time, Devon and Cornwall are able to fly and breathe fire, and they fly Garrett to Camelot. Later, with Camelot restored to its former glory, Kayley and Garrett marry and become Knights of the Round Table.

Does Netflix have Quest for Camelot?

Sorry, Quest for Camelot is not available on American Netflix, but it’s easy to unlock in USA and start watching! Get the ExpressVPN app to quickly change your Netflix region to a country like Australia and start watching Australian Netflix, which includes Quest for Camelot.

Did they get married in Quest for Camelot?

Inside, Kayley and Garrett find Ruber attempting to kill Arthur with Excalibur, gloating about how all-powerful he has become now. Later, with Camelot restored to its former glory, Kayley and Garrett marry and become Knights of the Round Table.

When did the movie Quest for Camelot come out?

Quest for Camelot (released internationally worldwide, as The Magic Sword: Quest for Camelot) is a 1998 American animated musical fantasy film from Warner Bros. Animation, directed by Frederik Du Chau, written by Kirk De Micco, William Schifrin, Jacqueline Feather and David Seidler and based on…

Where is the Excalibur in quest for Camelot?

The sword is the main object in the film. At the complete darkness of the lands, The sword Excalibur is shown to be sticking out of The Magic Stone in the center of a Stonehenge, Many people tried to pull out the sword but they fail and give up. But when Arthur approaches the stone, the three rings glows.

Who was killed in the quest for Camelot?

During the times of King Arthur, the story of an adventurous brave girl, named Kayley, whose father, a Knight of the Round Table, is killed by Sir Ruber, a maniacal brute who steals Excalibur and ultimately threatens to seize King Arthur’s Camelot.

What was the second game in the quest for Camelot?

The second video game was titled Quest for Camelot: Dragon Games is a computer game developed by Knowledge Adventure, it gives the player the ability to explore Camelot after the events of the film. In addition to exploring the world, the player gets to raise a dragon egg and watch it grow.