Which helicopter tour is best in Maui?

Which helicopter tour is best in Maui?

The 5 Best Maui Helicopter Tours

  • Pacific Helicopter Tours – Complete Isand.
  • Air Maui Helicopter Tours – Hana & Haleakala.
  • Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tours – Waterfalls of West Maui & Molokai.
  • Maverick Tours – Molokai Voyage.
  • Sunshine Helicopters – Molokai Deluxe Tour.

How much does a helicopter ride cost in Maui?

The price of a Maui helicopter trip varies from about $169.00 – $339.00 plus tax and fuel charge. With all fees included you are looking at $230.00-to $440.00. Prices are per person fee and there are no child rates, although infants 24 months and younger fly for free when they sit on the lap of an adult.

Are there helicopter rides in Maui?

A Maui helicopter tour is the most scenic way to see all of this beautiful island. The 45 minute Hana and Haleakala helicopter tours features remote and spectacular sights of East Maui including world famous Haleakala Crater and the lush valleys and waterfalls of the Hana rainforest.

Is a Maui helicopter tour worth it?

Maui helicopter tours are worth the money if you’re interested in seeing most of the island up close. So a fantastic way to see an area of Maui never to be seen on foot. If you visit Haleakala National Park on foot you can be sure the trip will take up most of the day – that is excluded nearby interests.

Are helicopter tours in Maui safe?

Make a Safe Choice – Each year, thousands of Hawaii visitors enjoy safe, scenic helicopter tours across the Hawaiian Islands. Before boarding a helicopter, it is important to recognize that there are risks. Accidents are infrequent, but they can and do happen.

What is the coldest month in Maui?


Quick Climate Info
Coldest Month January (72 °F avg)
Wettest Month March (1.06″ avg)
Windiest Month July (15 mph avg)
Annual precip. 6.37″ (per year)