What is the meaning of Cross Gene?

What is the meaning of Cross Gene?

The entertainment company explained the meaning behind the group’s name, stating that the group would “cross the superior genes of each country to create one perfect group”. Cross Gene originally consisted of three South Korean members, two Chinese members and one Japanese member.

What company is cross gene under?

Amuse Inc.
Cross Gene/Record labels

How old is Shin Won Ho?

29 years (23 October 1991)
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When did Casper leave Idol producer?

He was the Chinese member of global group CROSS GENE. He was in charge of “High Tone Rap” and dance in the group. He left the group on September 1, 2017.

Who are the members of the band Cross Gene?

Among the members is Shin Won-ho (Shin), an actor who had previously appeared in television dramas and advertisements. Terada Takuya, an Amuse model and actor, was also announced in the lineup and upon Cross Gene’s debut became the first fully Japanese K-Pop idol.

When did Cross Gene’s Shooting Star come out?

On February 27, Cross Gene released their Japanese debut single, “Shooting Star”. The song was performed for the first time during a promotional event for the Korean drama Big in Japan. Their Japanese single album was released on March 13, followed by the digital single “Crazy” on the May 29.

When did Cross Gene release Black or white?

Cross Gene’s fourth mini album Mirror was released on February 8 with a title track called “Black or White”. On August 31st it was revealed that Chinese member Casper had left the group. Their company announced that it had no plans of adding new members and that they’d stay as a 5-member group.

When did Cross Gene play with me come out?

Cross Gene next returned to Korea with “Play With Me” on April 12, also releasing their third mini album of the same name. Play With Me entered GAON Albums Chart at #7 on the Weekly Chart. “Play With Me” was also nominated for Song of the Week on SBS MTV The Show three times during its promotional run.