How many SYNS are breaded fish fillets?

How many SYNS are breaded fish fillets?


How many SYNS is Birdseye fish Chargrills?

Sam on Instagram: “Having dinner for lunch today Birdseye Inspirations Fish chargrill with tomato and basil 0.5 syns serves with micro golden rice 1 syn…”

How many SYNS are in Youngs fish?

Youngs Fish Cakes – 2 Syns.

How many SYNS in Youngs gastro breaded fish?

Jo Couture I just bought the lemon and herb one thinking it was my normal 1 syn fish 🙃 nope! 8 syns!

Is all fish syn free?

For things like fresh salmon, cod, tuna or any other lean fish, you are absolutely fine to count it as a free food as long as it is prepared and cooked in the right way.

Is fish free on Slimming World?

Fish. Fish is a free food and can be cooked anyway you like as long as you don’t cook it with fat. If fat is used then make sure you count the fat as a Syn. Fish can be white fish, shellfish or oily fish.

How many SYNS is Birdseye vegetable rice?

Birds Eye Steamfresh Green Medley 3.5 syns per sachet (2 portions) | Delicious, Food, Medley.

How many SYNS is a burger?

Burger King Syns – Slimming World – Updated 8th July 2019

Product Syns
Burger King Latte (each) 7
Burger King Cheeseburger (each) 15
Burger King Hamburger (each) 13
Burger King Whopper (each) 30½

How many SYNS are Youngs fish cakes?

2 Syns
Youngs Fish Cakes – 2 Syns | Slimming world free foods, Slimming world snacks, Slimming world tips.

How many SYNS are Asda fish cakes?

3 syns
Lucy on Instagram: “Asda Cod Fishcakes (3 syns each) with a Syn free Aunt Bessie’s Frozen Sweet Potato Jacket 😍🐟 #slimmingworld #targetmember…”

Is fish free on slimming world?

Are bananas syn free?

Bananas are syn free and can be paired with daily meal ideas such as bananas on Weetabix or bananas on toast, however, when you mash or puree bananas they will count a 4 syns, the reasoning behind this that mashed bananas are easy to overeat and might spike your blood sugar quicker.