Why it is called geopolymer concrete?

Why it is called geopolymer concrete?

Raw materials used in the synthesis of silicon-based polymers are mainly rock-forming minerals of geological origin, hence the name: geopolymer. Joseph Davidovits coined the term in 1978 and created the non profit French scientific institution (Association Loi 1901) Institut Géopolymère (Geopolymer Institute).

What is the purpose of geopolymer concrete?

Geopolymer concrete is more resistant to corrosion and fire, has high compressive and tensile strengths, and it gains its full strength quickly (cures fully faster). It also shrinks less than standard concrete.

What is Geopolymerization process?

Geopolymerization is the process of transforming aluminosilicate raw material into covalently bonded 3D network consisting [▬Si▬O▬Al▬O▬]n bonds. In other words, geopolymerization process refers to geosynthesis, i.e. synthesis of chemically integrated minerals.

How is geopolymer concrete made?

Rather than hydrating Portland cement, geopolymer concrete is made by mixing the sand and aggregate with fly ash or slag, and then activating it with an alkali such as sodium hydroxide.

Where is geopolymer concrete used?

It is being used for railway sleepers, electric power poles, road pavements, cement mortar, Marine structures and Waste containments. The current trend of research is under way to develop geopolymer systems that create a low embodied energy, low carbon dioxide binder that has similar properties to Portland cement.

What are the materials used in geopolymer concrete?

Basics of Geopolymers Two main constituents of geopolymers are: source materials and alkaline liquids. The source materials on alumino-silicate should be rich in silicon (Si) and aluminium (Al). They could be by-product materials such as fly ash, silica fume, slag, rice-husk ash, red mud, etc.

How many types of geopolymer cement are there?

Presently, there are two types based on siliceous (EN 197) or Class F (ASTM C618) fly ashes: Type 1: alkali-activated fly ash geopolymer (user-hostile):

What is geopolymer concrete write about its applications?

Geopolymer cement concrete is made from utilization of waste materials such as fly ash and ground granulated blast furnace slag(GGBS). The use of this concrete helps to reduce the stock of wastes and also reduces carbon emission by reducing Portland cement demand.

Is geopolymer concrete cheaper than concrete?

Geopolymer concrete is a very versatile material and also cost effective when compared to OPC concrete. For M30 grade of GPC concrete the cost of production is marginally (1.7%) higher than OPC concrete of the same grade whereas for M50 grade, the cost of OPC concrete is 11% higher than GPC of same grade.