What is a carriage licence?

What is a carriage licence?

A hackney carriage is more commonly called a taxi, or black cab. A licence is required for both the taxi and for any person driving a taxi. Licences are issued subject to proof of eligibility (age, driving licence, criminal records check, medical assessment etc.).

How do I get a license to drive a taxi?

And you must provide the Authority with details of any vehicle you are driving as an SPSV. (e.g. Co. Dublin)….To complete the form you must carry:

  1. Your photographs;
  2. A current tax clearance certificate;
  3. Your driving licence;
  4. Your SPSV Skills Development Certificate;
  5. The receipt of your licence fee;

How do I get a taxi licence in Wales?

Applying for a Taxi Driver’s Licence

  1. has a full driving licence for 12 months with your current address on it.
  2. has no traffic convictions within the last 5 year.
  3. has a British passport and/ relevant right to work documents.
  4. Fitness Criteria for drivers and operators.

What is the difference between taxi and hackney?

Taxis are hackney carriages and are licensed to pick people up from the roadside, i.e. hailing a cab. Private hire vehicles are only permitted to pick up pre arranged bookings and are not permitted to pick people up from the side of the road.

Why are they called hackney carriages?

Although the origins of the term ‘Hackney coach’ is unclear, historians suggest that it derives from the French word hacquenée, which roughly translates as a horse suitable for hire. The first Hackney coaches – large and luxuriously trimmed horse-drawn carriages – appeared during the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1.

What’s the difference between a taxi and a hackney?

Do taxis need an MOT every 6 months?

John Mason, TfL. The first MOT test must be issued no more than 14 days prior to the taxi licensing inspection and the second MOT test is to be issued six months from the date the taxi licence is granted.

How much does it cost to get a taxi Licence in UK?


Licence type Fee
Driver Licence (first application) three year licence £254.00 (Made up of Non-refundable search fee £180 and Licence fee of £74). Online payment
Driver Licence (renewal) renewable 3 yearly £254.00 (Made up of Non-refundable search fee £180 and Licence fee of £74). Online payment

How do I become a taxi driver in Pembrokeshire?

You will need to provide the following items:

  1. Application form (with all sections completed)
  2. Two passport photographs.
  3. A medical certificate from your own GP.
  4. Enhanced DBS certificate – issued within the last 3 months by Pembrokeshire County Council.