What does SMS GO PRO app?

What does SMS GO PRO app?

The GO SMS Pro app is sort of like an all-in-one social media message manager that allows you to link the app to a variety of social networking chats and customize your chat while accessing its features a lot easier than typically might be the case by going with individual sites.

What is go SMS?

GO SMS Pro is an application thanks to which you can easily communicate with all your friends: sending traditional text messages with a twist. Beyond sending SMS, GO SMS Pro supports Facebook chat, drawing on the screen of the Android device, programming when messages are sent, and sending message packages to various users.

Is there messaging app for dual SIM phone?

Android Messages now supports RCS on dual-SIM phones, except in North America it seems, but it only works on the main SIM (if the operator has enabled it, obviously). Even if the second SIM comes from a carrier with RCS, it will only be able to send regular SMS.