Are there different versions of Akira?

Are there different versions of Akira?

All of the re-releases from Funmation only include the Hypersonic remix created back in 2009. The original 1990 South Korea release is heavily cut and is rated ‘All’ but was released in 2005 uncut with a 15 rating. The original Singapore release is cut and is rated PG but was later released with a NC-16 rating.

Are there two versions of Akira?

Akira was re-released on video in 1994, and again on DVD in 2001 and distributed by Madman Entertainment and The AV Channel. Pioneer Entertainment issued a DVD and a VHS with a new English dub (the dub produced by Animaze) in 2001.

Is there an English dub of Akira?

In North America, the English-dubbed version of movie was distributed by Streamline Pictures. In 2001, a new dub was produced by Animaze for Pioneer Entertainment’s DVD release, which also saw a limited release in theaters.

Why does Akira look so different?

Akira used over 160,000 animation cels to create the detailed scenes and fluid movement in the film. The use of cel animation meant that animators had to illustrate the background, middle, and foreground of each scene on three different cels.

Is Ghost in the Shell English dub good?

The English dub for GitS is pretty decent for the time. Lots of differences in dialogue from the Japanese translated sub, but it’s still good. The original was of course amazing, but I also enjoyed how the episodic structure of Stand Alone Complex let some of the themes breath a bit with focused vignettes.

How many Akira English dubs are there?

The movie has two English dubs: one from 1989 and one from 2001.

Why does Akira look so smooth?

Akira uses cel animation, which means every frame was hand-drawn. With cel animation, animators use layers of celluloids, which are plastic transparent sheets that they can draw on to create a single frame. This creates a really smooth animation style where every single detail of the world beautifully comes to life.