Can you bring food to Rocklands winery?

Can you bring food to Rocklands winery?

No groups larger than 12 are permitted. Rocklands will continue to feature on-site food vendors, along with meat and market goods for purchase. Free local delivery and advance ordering for pickup via our online store remains available.

Who owns Rocklands Farm?

Greg Glenn (Co-Founder, CEO, and Farm Manager) lives near the farm with his wife, Anna Joy, and their four children, Fritz, Simeon, Charlie, and Thea.

How many wineries are in Maryland?

Maryland wine

Wine region
No. of wineries Over 80

What winery did the Real Housewives of Potomac go to?

Breaux Vineyards – Taste of Reality.

What winery did the housewives of Potomac go to?

With a selection of wine tastings and a full bistro, Potomac Point Vineyard and Winery is an unforgettable destination.

Is Maryland wine any good?

Maryland vineyards currently grow nearly 1000 acres of grapes in throughout each of the state’s regions. Made with Maryland-grown Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot, this red blend features intense aromas and rich flavors and is considered a great wine for Autumn sipping.

Does Maryland have a wine country?

The Maryland wine industry is spread out among four distinct regions: Eastern Shore, Southern Plain, Western Mountain and Piedmont Plateau, the last of which is home to the majority of the state’s vineyards.

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Can grapes grow in Maryland?

Grapes grow well in Maryland’s varied soils and climate. With nearly three dozen wineries that need to purchase wine grapes, Maryland agricultural and rural development officials have focused on the state’s need for additional acres planted with both wine and table grapes.

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When is Rocklands wine delivery in Montgomery County?

Shop here for Rocklands wines, pasture-raised meats, charcuterie & local market goods. Now offering free door-to-door delivery to Montgomery County and DC residents on orders over $100. Deliveries will be on Thursdays each week. Cutoff time is 4pm the day before delivery.

Is there a wine club at Rocklands farm?

Our wine club features wine discounts, member-only events and exclusive benefits. Rocklands Farm offers a monthly subscription club featuring the best of our grass-fed, grass-finished selection of meats, poultry, pork, bones for broth-making and more. Rocklands is a family-owned winery and working farm.

Where is Rocklands farm in Washington DC located?

Only 40 minutes west of Washington D.C., Rocklands is nestled in the scenic Agriculture Reserve of Montgomery County, Maryland, and is easily accessible to the greater DC Metro area.

What does holistic management mean for Rocklands winery?

Through Holistic management, Rocklands Farm Winery exists to feed , nourish and engage our community. Holistic management balances the social, economic, and environmental factors for the success of the whole operation, including the greater community & ecosystem.