What is a Riverward?

What is a Riverward?

Also riv·er·wards. toward a river. adjective. facing a river.

What does Peoria mean in English?

Wiktionary. Peorianoun. A member of a Native American tribe, historically part of the . Peorianoun. A particular city in Illinois, used to represent a typical United States city.

What does it mean to be called a river?

A river is a ribbon-like body of water that flows downhill from the force of gravity. A river can be wide and deep, or shallow enough for a person to wade across. A flowing body of water that is smaller than a river is called a stream, creek, or brook. All rivers have a starting point where water begins its flow.

What is the meaning of Ward word?

a person, especially a minor, who has been legally placed under the care of a guardian or a court. the state of being under the care or control of a legal guardian. guardianship over a minor or some other person legally incapable of managing his or her own affairs.

How do you spell Peoria?

Peoria, Illinois – Peoria ( pee-OR-ee-ə) is the county seat of Peoria County, Illinois, and the largest city on the Illinois River.

What is river example?

The definition of a river is a natural stream of water that empties into another body of water. An example of a river is the Mississippi River. A large natural stream of water emptying into an ocean, lake, or other body of water and usually fed along its course by converging tributaries.

Is ward another name for child?

A ward is also the name given to a child who is watched over by someone other than his parents. Sometimes children are known as “wards of the state,” meaning they have been taken from their homes.

What is ward and example?

The definition of a ward is a wing of a hospital, a division of a prison, or a person, especially a child, who is dependent upon the care and support of an appointed guardian. An example of a ward is the children’s wing of the hospital. An example of ward is a child who is in foster care.

Is hitherto a formal?

8 Answers. Merriam-Webster Unabridged does not flag hitherto as “archaic.” Macmillan does mark hitherto as “very formal” but it’s by no means outdated. Whoever marked you down for using an “archaic” word is wrong (unless perhaps you were using hitherto in an informal context).

What is the word untapped mean?

1 : not subjected to tapping an untapped keg. 2 : not drawn upon or utilized as yet untapped markets.