What color is a 390 ohm resistor?

What color is a 390 ohm resistor?

390 Ohm Resistor Color Code: Orange, White, Brown, Golden.

What is the color of Ohm?

The Resistor Colour Code Table

Colour Digit Tolerance
Black 0
Brown 1 ± 1%
Red 2 ± 2%
Orange 3

What color series is the 0.33 ohms?

0.33 Ohm Resistor Color Code: Orange, Orange, Silver, Golden.

What is the Colour code for 1 ohm?

The color code in tabular form for the 1R four-band resistor is brown, black, gold, gold.

What do the colors on a resistor mean?

Most resistors have four stripes of color. The first three stripes indicate the resistance value, and the fourth stripe indicates the tolerance. Some resistors have five stripes of color, with four representing the resistance value and the last one the tolerance.

What is the color code for 470 ohm?

The 470 ohm Resistor color code for 4-band is as shown in the image below: [Yellow, Violet, Brown, Gold] 470 ohm resistor color code for 4-band is calculated as: (1st digit) = Yellow = 4

What is the real value of 470 ohm resistor?

∴ the real value of 470 Ω resistor is between 446.5 Ω to 493.5 Ω Description: From the resistor code chart we found the color code of resistor with respect to the decimal value of the respective band counted from left to right.

How many colors are in a 3 band resistor?

It uses letter ‘R’ for ohms, ‘K’ for Kilo ohms, and ‘M’ for Megaohms. For example, a 4.7K ohm resistor is shown as 4K7. The Carbon composition resistors have 3 to 6 resistor color bands. The 3-band resistor has three colors with multiplier and no tolerance. The three bands can be selected to know the resistor value.

How to calculate the color of a resistor?

This resistor color code calculator converts a resistor value to resistor color code and supports 3, 4, and 5-band resistors. If you are getting into electronics and cannot remember the resistor color codes, then this calculator is for you.