Why did Family Guy change the name of the high school?

Why did Family Guy change the name of the high school?

According to Indiewire, the decision to rename Quahog’s high school was revealed Saturday during the Family Guy panel at San Diego Comic-Con. Executive producer Steve Callaghan explained that the move was made to pay tribute to Adam West, who passed away last June at age 88.

When did Family Guy change the high school name?

The Family Guy Season 17 Finale centered around the renaming of James Woods High as Adam West High in honor of the beloved actor, though fans seem to have forgotten about another episode entitled”Peter’s Got Woods”.

Did Family Guy change the high school name?

“Family Guy” will rename the high school seen on the animated series after the late Adam West. West, who died last year, had recurred as the Mayor of Quahog on the animated series. “We decided to rename the high school on the show, and from this point forward it will be Adam West Regional High School.”

When did James Woods high school become Adam West High school?

In the Season 17 finale, the show had the name of James Woods High changed to Adam West High.

Does James Woods work for Family Guy?

James Howard Woods (born April 18, 1947) is an American film/stage/television actor and a recurring antagonist in Family Guy. He is the man for whom Quahog’s high school used to be named. He also serves as one of the main antagonists in season 6 and 8 and a supporting character/anti-hero from season 9 onwards.

Is Adam West still in Family Guy?

MAYOR ADAM WEST Cause of Death: No official reason was given, but Mayor West’s death was acknowledged in “Adam West High” (Season 17, Episode 20). The character was written out following the death of voice actor Adam West.

Is Sam Elliott joining Family Guy?

Sam Elliott is headed East to play West. The Oscar-nominated actor and calming baritone has joined the Family Guy voice cast as the new Mayor of Quahog — named Wild Wild West, cousin of Adam — and you’ll see and hear him for the first time on Sunday’s episode of veteran Fox comedy.

What does James Woods have to do with Family Guy?

James Woods faces his Springfield counterpart from The Simpsons in “The Simpsons Guy”. Woods hosts a behind the scenes look at Family Guy as a sitcom production in “Inside Family Guy”. Due to his antics in real life, including his Republican support, the high school is renamed in “Adam West High”.