Is Holy Diver a Satanic song?

Is Holy Diver a Satanic song?

At its surface, this song is about Satan, and his descent to Hell (his “dive”). But according to Dio, there’s a lot more to it, and the main character isn’t really The Devil.

Who sings the original Holy Diver?

Holy Diver/Artists

“Holy Diver” is a song by American heavy metal band Dio. It was released in August 1983 as the lead single from the band’s debut album of the same name. Although it only reached number 40 on the Mainstream Rock chart at that time, it is one of Dio’s most popular songs today.

Who did the remake of Holy Diver?

Ronnie James Dio
The album was remastered and re-released by Rock Candy Records in 2005. The only notable addition to the original album is an audio interview with Ronnie James Dio. Tracks 10–19 on the 2005 edition are Dio’s answers to various questions about the album.

Is Ronnie James Dio still alive?

Deceased (1942–2010)
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Why is Holy Diver?

The people on this planet are calling him the “Holy Diver” because he is about to go to another place to another planet, dive into another world, to do what he did first on our planet – save people from the sins or absolve them from their sins by having himself killed.

Who played the guitar solo on Holy Diver?

And he had also amazing musicians beside him, specially in his solo career. One of them was the amazing guitarist Vivian Campbell. Now, you can hear his amazing isolated guitar track on the classic “Rainbow In The Dark”, from the album Holy Diver (1983).

Is liliac a real band?

Liliac is a new upcoming rock/metal band ready rock out at each of their concerts and show they’re music to the world. Not only are they a young band, all under the age of 19, they are also a family. Liliac is from Los Angeles and they perform every weekend at the Santa Monica Pier.

How old is the liliac band?

Age (at audition) 12-20
Sex Mixed
Act Band

What year did Holy Diver?

25 May 1983
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