Is the Brigalow Belt a bioregion?

Is the Brigalow Belt a bioregion?

The North and South Brigalow Belt are two of the 85 bioregions across Australia and the 15 bioregions in Queensland. Together they form most of the Brigalow tropical savanna ecoregion.

Where is the Brigalow Belt?

The Brigalow Belt South bioregion is in northern NSW and southern Queensland, extending from south of Dubbo in central-western NSW to the mid-Queensland coast.

What is brigalow scrub?

Brigalow, dry rainforests and vine-thickets are commonly referred to as “Softwood Scrubs”. Many Softwood Scrub plants have thick, tough leaves with spines, adapted to dry conditions.

What is a gidgee tree?

Acacia cambagei, commonly known as gidgee, stinking wattle, stinking gidgee in English, or gidjiirr, by transliteration from indigenous languages of north-western NSW, is an endemic tree of Australia.

Where do mallee trees grow?

Most mallees are slow growing, tough trees which originate from arid and semi arid regions. But they’re found from Tasmania to the Tropics and so are iconic Australian trees well worth a closer look. The Mallee Walk at the Waite Arboretum is just 15 minutes from Adelaide and it features over 100 mallees.

What does gidgee smell like?

If you’re wondering why there’s a pungent gas aroma right around Alice Springs and central Australia at the moment, you can blame the gidgee trees. They emit a strong gas smell when they flower or just after/before rain. Such beautiful trees smell like garlic heading towards rotten onions but not all the time.

How do I find my gidgee?

In humid weather, the leaves, bark and litter round the base of the tree give off a odour which accounts for the ‘stinking’ moniker. Gidgee or Acacia cambagei is a member of the Acacia family and is identified by its distinct, dark brown hardwood with narrow band of yellow sapwood.

Where is the Mallee district?

Mallee, region of northwestern Victoria, Australia. It occupies about 16,000 square miles (41,000 square km) between the Wimmera and Murray rivers, and its climate is semiarid, with only 10–12 inches (250–300 mm) of rainfall annually.

Is gidgee a good firewood?

It is a dense timber, weighing 1300kg per cubic metre. Gidgee is classified as the 3rd hardest wood in the world, according to The Wood Data Base. Janka hardness test measures the hardness of wood and rates this timer at 19. Much of the timber is not straight and can only be used for firewood or making charcoal.