How much does Gene Smith make at Ohio State?

How much does Gene Smith make at Ohio State?

The 65-year-old Smith – who had one year remaining on an extension signed in 2019 that paid him $1.47 million this year – will now earn a base salary of $1.58 million per year, as well as compensation for public relations, media and promotional appearances totaling $480,000.

What is Gene Smith salary?

$1.58 million
Smith agreed to a four-year contract extension March 15. The extension will be up for final approval by the university’s Board of Trustees Thursday. The extension will include an annual base salary of $1.58 million — an increase from his previous base salary of $1.1 million — with a $125,000 lump sum payment in July.

Is Gene Smith leaving OSU?

Gene Smith is now under contract with Ohio State for the next five years, and he’s getting a raise in the process. The Ohio State athletic director has agreed to a contract extension with the university that runs through June 30, 2026, and will pay him more than $2 million in annual compensation.

Who is the athletic director at OSU?

Chad Weiberg
STILLWATER, Okla. — Chad Weiberg officially is Oklahoma State’s athletic director. Weiberg had been deputy athletic director under Mike Holder since 2017. Oklahoma State announced the succession plan for Weiberg to take over in March, and it became official on Thursday.

How much does the AD at Ohio State make?

Under new terms that begin in July, Smith will make more than $2 million each year, receiving an annual base salary worth $1.58 million and supplemental compensation for media, promotion and public relations totaling $480,000.

How much does Ryan Day make a year?

Now under his new deal, Day is earning $6 million per year and he will receive a $1 million contribution to his retirement plan on December 31, 2020. On February 1, 2021, Day’s salary will jump to $6.5 million. In 2022, it will increase to $7.6 million.

How much do college athletic directors get paid?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics cites today’s athletic director as garnering an average pay rate of about $92,360 per year or $44.41 per working hour. However, it is important to note that the bureau groups this occupation with a number of others into a job group known as “Postsecondary Education Administrators”.

How much do Ohio State athletic directors make?

Ohio State Athletics Director Gene Smith has a new multimillion-dollar, five-year contract that will pay an annual base salary of $1.58 million for the term.

Where is Gene Smith now?

in 2020-21, Smith currently is in his 16th year as director of athletics at The Ohio State University.

Did Ryan Day take a pay cut?

Leading Ohio State’s program for a third season, Day was scheduled to make an additional $135,307, but accepted a 5% salary reduction as part of a variety of cost-cutting measures implemented by the athletic department last year in response to the coronavirus pandemic. His full salary was restored in July.

What did Gene Smith do for Ohio State?

“Thanks to his dedication to student success, graduation success rates of Ohio State’s student-athletes have risen by 11 percentage points, to 89 percent. His vision and commitment to excellence have made Ohio State’s Department of Athletics one of the strongest in the nation.”

Who is the athletics director at Ohio State?

“Gene Smith is one of this country’s most accomplished collegiate athletics directors, with an exemplary record of national leadership and service,” Ohio State interim president Joseph A. Alutto said in a statement released by the school.

Who are the parents of Gene Smith’s children?

Smith is the father of four children with his wife, Sheila: Matt, Nicole, Lindsey and Summer, and they are grandparents to seven: Marshall, Steele, Addison, Grayson, Tyson, Elijah and Maya. Outside of work Smith enjoys travel, golf and spending time with family.