Can I use a 8 pin power supply on a 4 pin motherboard?

Can I use a 8 pin power supply on a 4 pin motherboard?

Our power supply units (PSUs) use an 8-pin EPS12v CPU cable that can be split into two 4-pin connectors. If you want to connect our PSU into a 4-pin EPS motherboard port, simply pull the two halves of the connector apart and connect one half into the motherboard port.

Can a 8 pin ATX connector work on the 4 pin ATX motherboard?

The 8-pin connector is literally designed as two of the 4-pin connectors put together. It is entirely possible to just plug the 4-pin connector in the 8-pin slot. It won’t damage anything, but the motherboard will detect the difference and either not start up at all, or run in a VERY restricted mode.

What is the 8 pin connector on a motherboard for?

Can be used to connect to a six or eight pin socket on a video card to provide additional 12v power. Most commonly used to power hard drives and optical drives. These are mostly often used for fan connections in modern system, but in the past they were used for hard drives, optical drives, and many other devices.

Can you use a 6-pin on a 4 pin motherboard?

No, the 6-pin connector is only for PCIe device and would fry your CPU/mobo.

Is 4 pin CPU power enough?

You do not have to plug that extra 4 pin CPU power connector on the board. The 8 pin is more than enough for running the system. You’re totally fine without it. If you’re upgrading to a RTX 3070 or 3080 and a Ryzen 5600X your 650 Watts should be enough since it’s a good model.

Can you use a 6 pin on a 8 pin motherboard?

No, the 6+2 pin is for pcie supplementary power, it’s for GPU power basically the 8 pin on the mobo is for cpu power. Your power supply should have either a 4+4pin or a 4pin for cpu power, use that.

What is the 4 pin power connector for on motherboard?

The ATX 4-pin power supply connector is a standard motherboard power connector used to provide +12 VDC to the processor voltage regulator.

Can a 6 pin power an 8 pin CPU?

The PCI Express 6 pin to 8 pin power adapter cable lets you connect a standard 6-pin PCI Express power connection provided by the computer power supply to ATI and NVidia video cards that require an 8 pin power connection.