What happened in the Target credit card Hack of 2013?

What happened in the Target credit card Hack of 2013?

In one of the biggest data breaches to hit a U.S. retailer, Target had reported that hackers stole data from up to 40 million credit and debit cards of shoppers who had visited its stores during the 2013 holiday season. Target also said the total cost of the data breach had been $202 million.

Who was behind the target Hack 2013?

Cybersecurity experts have said the hacker, identified in court as “Profile 958,” is likely a Ukrainian named Andrey Hodirevski. Target is demanding restitution from Bondars; an amount has yet to be decided.

Can I hack credit card information?

Hackers can steal credit and debit card information in a variety of ways, using both online and offline methods.

How was Target hacked?

Target. In 2013, Target fell victim to a massive data breach, where hackers stole credit card data from up to 40 million customers. The hack took place between Nov. 27 and Dec.

How much did the 2013 breach cost Target?

Target also said the total cost of the data breach had been $202 million. Target spokeswoman Jenna Reck said the company has so far settled with financial institutions and states but is yet to finalize a consumer settlement.

What caused the 2013 Target breach?

The massive data breach at Target last month may have resulted partly from the retailer’s failure to properly segregate systems handling sensitive payment card data from the rest of its network. According to Krebs, sources close to the investigation said the attackers first gained access to Target’s network on Nov.

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