Is Dinton Pastures open today?

Is Dinton Pastures open today?

Well down to the team for pulling off a successful first weekend after only moving in on Friday! We are open seven days a week 9am-5pm.

Do you have to book to go to Dinton Pastures?

There is no need to book a time slot to enjoy the play parks. We kindly ask all visitors to maintain social distancing and adopt good hand washing.

Is the cafe at Dinton open?

Cafe is open from 08:30 – 17:00 daily, except Christmas Day, and remain open until at least 4pm during winter and 5pm during summer. We stay open longer on busy days. Give the café a call 0118 932 1071 for general enquiries.

Do you have to pay to get into Dinton Pastures?

Regular visitors to the country park are highly encouraged to purchase a car park season ticket. Season tickets are available to purchase via the Wokingham Borough Council website, we are unable to issue or renew season tickets at Dinton Pastures.

How long is the walk around Dinton Pastures?

Price: Free

Length: 1.98 miles
Surface: Smooth
Difficulty: Easy

Can you swim at Dinton Pastures?

Swimming in the lake For your own personal safety, please refrain from swimming in the lakes.

Can you take your own paddleboard to Dinton Pastures?

Bring your own boat Paddleboard users can use a leash instead. If you are launching your boat regularly, or wish to launch outside our operating hours, you may wish to sign up as a member for free launching. You can find out more on our membership page.

How far around is Dinton Pastures?

Is there a plane in White Swan Lake reading?

shay added: “It’s not there. it’s a reflection you gullible people.” Ex-chairperson and now committee member at the Museum of Berkshire Aviation Jean has brushed off speculation there’s a plane in the lake. Jean said: “As far as the museum’s aware there hasn’t been a crash in the lake.

Are there toilets at Dinton Pastures?

You can find our public toilets at the main entrance of the country park, either inside the café or next to the Emmbrook room. The toilets at the activity centre may not always be available for public use, in line with our safeguarding responsibilities. …

Is there a plane in Dinton Pastures Lake?

FIREFIGHTERS from across the Royal County were called to Dinton Pastures earlier this month after a plane crashed in the lake. But this wasn’t any ordinary event: it was a special training exercise designed to help the teams practice essential rescue techniques, especially around water.

Why is there a plane in White Swan Lake on snap maps?

According to Snapchat, the plane appearing on the map isn’t an Easter egg or the site of a crash. Snapchat’s Snap Map is powered by satellite imagery from companies like Mapbox. If a plane was flying across the area while the satellite images were being recorded, it would appear on the map.

When do the gates at Dinton Pastures open?

Pay and display tickets are available from the car park ticket machines. The yellow main entrance gates automatically open at 6:45am and closes at 9pm. Please note that our smaller car parks and overflow areas have different opening and closing times.

Where is Dinton Pastures in the Thames Valley?

Dinton Pastures is an oasis of woodland, meadow and lakes in the midst of the most urbanised part of the Thames Valley.

Where do I go to register my car at Dinton Pastures?

Call 020 304 60060 from your UK mobile and follow the verbal instructions. You’ll need our location code (23817), your payment card details and your car registration. We recommend registering first on the RingGo website.

Do you need a blue badge to park at Dinton Pastures?

Smartphone users may also download the app from the RingGo website. Blue Badge Holders must clearly and correctly display their blue badge to quantify for free parking within the car parks. Regular visitors to the country park are highly encouraged to purchase a car park season ticket.