What time is rated K?

What time is rated K?

Rated Korina’s TV5 airing will happen every Sunday starting on June 20, 2021 at 10:00 p.m. Rated Korina has also started airing on ABS-CBN’s international channel, The Filipino Channel, on May 29, 2021.

What is rated K genre?

News broadcasting
Rated Korina/Genres

Which is better KMJS or Rated K?

Overall, KMJS still edged out Rated K, but the Kapamilya magazine show is slowly catching up. In fact on October 13, Rated K lead in the overall ratings board, overtaking KMJS by 0.4% at 23% vs 22.6% respectively. Rated K on the other hand also beats rival Amazing Earth 9.9% vs 8.2%.

Is Korina Sanchez still with ABS-CBN?

She transferred to TV5 Network after signing with Brightlight Productions….Korina Sanchez.

Korina Sanchez-Roxas
Occupation Journalist
Years active 1984–present
Agent MBS-4 (1984-1985) City2 Television (1985-1986) ABS-CBN (1986-2020) TV5 Network (2020-present) Brightlight Productions (2020-present)

What time is rated Korina TV5?

10-11 pm
After a month-long hiatus, the top-rating lifestyle magazine TV show “Rated Korina” kicks off its second season starting June 19 via multiple media platforms: A2Z (Saturday, 6-7 pm), TV5 (Sunday, 10-11 pm), Kapamilya Channel (Saturday, 11 pm-12 am), OnePH (Saturday, 7-8 pm), and ABS-CBN’s international channels TFC and …

Who owns brightlight Productions Philippines?

Albee Benitez
Brightlight Productions

Type Television production
Headquarters Philippines
Key people Johnny Manahan Edgar Mortiz Gina Alajar
Products Television programs
Owner Albee Benitez

Is Korina Sanchez married?

Mar Roxasm. 2009
Korina Sanchez/Spouse

How old is Korina Sanchez now?

57 years (October 5, 1964)
Korina Sanchez/Age

What happened to Rated K?

Rated K was effectively cancelled by ABS-CBN, having been excluded from the programming lineup of Kapamilya Channel and replaced by Iba ‘Yan, hosted by Angel Locsin. Sanchez and staff continued the program as an online show utilizing their social media accounts.

Is brightlight productions under ABS CBN?

Brightlight Productions is a Philippine television production company founded and owned by Albee Benitez who previously served as Negros Occidental’s 3rd district representative from 2010 to 2019….Television.

Year 2020
Title Rated Korina
Network Kapamilya Channel
Associated Production ABS-CBN Entertainment

What is the business of Albee Benitez?

Business career Benitez is the majority owner and chairman of the gaming firm Leisure & Resorts World Corporation (LRWC). He also previously served as president of the said corporation.

Is Mar Roxas married before?

Korina Sanchezm. 2009
Mar Roxas/Spouse