What is Duocal used for?

What is Duocal used for?

Duocal® is specially formulated for the dietary management of conditions where a high-energy, low-fluid, low-electrolytes diet is indicated, protein-restricted diets, disorders of protein and amino acid metabolism, malabsorptive states, modular diets, and catabolic states (e.g. burns, trauma, post-operative stress).

Can you add Duocal to water?

Duocal can be added to most moist foods by sprinkling on the required amount and then stirring in. Duocal can be brought to a boil when mixed into a liquid. Avoid excess boiling as this may affect the consistency. Duocal is not suitable for carbonated drinks or fruit juices.

How many grams are in a scoop of Duocal?

5 g
You may purchase Duocal online through www.myduocal.com or by calling Nutricia North America directly at 1-800-365-7354 option 1….How many calories are in a Tbsp?

(all measurements are unpacked)
Measure Weight Calories
1 Scoop 5 g 25
1 Tbsp 8.5 g 42
1/4 cup 30 g 148

Can you put Benecalorie in water?

Bring water + Benecalorie to a boil. Add grits and cook as usual. Top with unsalted butter. The Benecalorie will thicken the dressing, so to thin with water or more sesame oil if you prefer.

When to use Duocal Super soluble powder 400g?

Duocal Super Soluble Powder 400g Duocal is a high calorie, protein-free nutritional supplement that can be added to foods or beverages when additional calories are required. Discovering that your child is failing to grow and thrive can be a worrying time for everyone involved.

How long does it take for Duocal powder to dissolve?

1. Measure the recommended amount of Duocal. 2.Add powder to the required volume of liquid and/or soft food and stir continuously until the powder has dissolved. 3. Unused foods mixed with Duocal should be refrigerated and used within 24 hours.

What to do with unopened can of Duocal?

Store unopened can at room temperature. Once opened, reseal can and store in a cool, dry place (not in a refrigerator) and use within one month. How many calories does Duocal provide?

What foods can you mix Duocal powder with?

Duocal can be taken orally in foods and beverages or mixed into tube feedings:  Measure the prescribed amount of Duocal.  Add powder to the required volume of liquid and/or soft food and stir continuously until the powder has dissolved. Handy Guide to Mixing in Foods: