What is the best girl Muslim name?

What is the best girl Muslim name?

60 Muslim baby girl names

  • Amira (princess)
  • Afaf (purity)
  • Aamna (peace)
  • Aatifa (affection)
  • Aleema (learned)
  • Aqsa (intelligent)
  • Badr (full moon) Also Read| 60 Muslim baby boy names of 2019.
  • Bahija (happy)

Is Amaya a Muslim name?

The name Amaya is primarily a female name of Arabic origin that means Night Rain.

What is the name Amaya mean?

Spanish: habitational name, from the name of a mountain and an ancient city in the province of Burgos, probably derived from Basque amai ‘end’ + the article suffix -a. Japanese: usually written with characters meaning ‘heavenly valley’.

What is Amaya short for?

The name Amaya is of Japanese origin and means “mother city; night rain.” The Spanish form of this name derives from the city of the same name and was often used as a surname. It is a variant of Amaia. Syllables: 3.

Which is the most popular Muslim baby girl name?

Go through our around the globe latest collection of Popular Muslim baby girl names with meanings. Our list includes traditional Muslim baby girl names, historical & popular islamic baby names, Muslim names from Quran and names of famous Islamic people. 1. Aabidah The meaning of the name Aabidah is Worshipper of Allah.

What’s the meaning of the Arabic baby girl name?

The Arabic baby girl name should be meaningful. The name of a Muslim is of such a nature that by the mere mention of it, the listener understands that the person so addressed, is a Muslim. It is for this reason that our elders laid great emphasis on keeping good and pleasant baby names.

Which is the most popular Middle Eastern girl name?

Kaira is a modern name that has Latin, Irish, and Gaelic origins. It means ‘a beloved friend’. 29. Laila One of the most popular middle eastern girl names, Laila means ‘night.’

Which is the best name for a baby girl?

The name of Arabic origin means ‘righteous’ ‘obedient’. 4. Adiva The Arabic origin name means ‘gentle, pleasant’. 5. Aiza The beautiful baby girl name means ‘noble”respected’. 6. Aliah The name of Arabic origin means ‘sublime’,’Exalted’. The name is directly mentioned in the verses 69:19 and 88:8 of the Holy Quran.