What is Federal fusion MSR?

What is Federal fusion MSR?

Federal’s Fusion MSR . 223 Rem. ammunition was engineered for use in modern sporting rifles (MSRs). The selected propellant attains top velocities from the abbreviated barrels-from 16” to 20”-commonplace on MSR platforms, as well as exhibits reduced muzzle flash and is clean-burning.

What does MSR mean ammo?

First, the MSR in the title. Several years ago, the National Shooting Sports Foundation coined the term “Modern Sporting Rifle” to describe a detachable magazine-fed semi-automatic rifles, such as the AR15 and AK47. Federal’s MSR line features cartridges specifically designed to fit and feed from MSR magazines.

Are federal Fusion bullets good for elk?

The Fusion is fine bullet for elk. Just my experience.

What good is .223 ammo?

223 is a small caliber in most respects and is what most people consider a varmint cartridge. In fact a majority of serious hunters, myself included, don’t even like it for deer and recommend against it if there are better options available. The . 223 is best put to use on coyote, groundhogs, and other pests.

What is a 5.56 MSR?

and 5.56x45mm 55-grain or 5.56x45mm 62-grain, the three new offerings hold 420 rounds of consistent, accurate target loads in a rugged metal ammo can. All feature quality bullets, reloadable brass cases and dependable primers.

What is the MSR in real life?

The Modular Sniper Rifle, or MSR, is a bolt-action sniper rifle developed and produced by Remington Arms for the United States Army. It was introduced in 2009, and was designed to meet specific United States Army and USSOCOM Precision Sniper Rifle requirements.

What does MSR stand for?


Acronym Definition
MSR Medical Sales Representative
MSR Machine Stress Rating
MSR Modern Sporting Rifle (weapon)
MSR Market Share Reporter (business statistics)

What bullet does Federal fusion use?

450 Bushmaster. Federal also sells a version of their Fusion ammo customized for use in modern sporting rifles called the Fusion MSR. It’s currently manufactured in . 223 Remington, .

Is 223 a good all around rifle?

223 Rem. has earned its place in the hunting and shooting world; it’s a fun round to shoot, having very little recoil, and is a great teaching tool to break new shooters into the centerfire rifle world. It is a perfect choice for any furbearer or varmint, and while it may not be the optimal deer rifle, it will work.

Are Savage AR-15 good?

For more than a century, Savage made bolt-action rifles. In fact, the company made great bolt-action rifles, known for their accuracy potential and affordable prices, and it still makes excellent bolt-action rifles. From the start, the company rolled out a sizeable line of AR-10 and AR-15 rifles.

What does MSR mean for guns?

Modular Sniper Rifle
The Modular Sniper Rifle, or MSR, is a bolt-action sniper rifle developed and produced by Remington Arms for the United States Army.