What is Atlas teaching?

What is Atlas teaching?

The National Board aims to strengthen the career continuum for teachers by offering ATLAS, Accomplished Teaching, Learning and Schools®. ATLAS is a library of authentic video cases showing National Board Certified Teachers at work in the classroom. All ATLAS cases are from National Board Certified Teachers.

What is Atlas National Board?

ATLAS, from the National Board, is a video case library that demonstrates effective approaches to teaching and makes accomplished practice accessible for in-service and pre-service teachers. Each case features a board certified teacher in the classroom.

What is accomplished teaching?

Accomplished teaching is not about “covering material,” but instead about elevating individual knowledge and encouraging constant growth and reflection. As Accomplished teachers, we will need to model our ability to handle mistakes, correct misinformation, and reflect on our errors and learn from them.

What is Atlas Curriculum Mapping?

This system allows parents, educators, and students the ability to easily view the curriculum expectations of each grade level and subject area. These curriculum maps within Atlas are a result of the collaborative effort of Brandon’s K-12 teaching staff, administrators, and Oakland Schools.

What is Atlas platform?

Atlas Platform helps you assess businesses and creates visually appealing maps representing the organizational consciousness levels that you can easily share with your clients.

What is Atlas Rubicon?

Atlas Rubicon is a curriculum mapping and management tool that the Quakertown Community School District utilizes in order to: Provide broad guidelines of what will be learned in each course and allow educators to see curriculum and pacing beyond the day to day.

What are the characteristics of an accomplished teacher?

Accomplished Teacher — Demonstrates the knowledge, determination, and ability to utilize appropriate instructional skills and techniques to persist in helping all students achieve.

What accomplished teachers should know and be able to do?

“What Teachers Should Know and Be Able to Do is a foundational document that articulates what it means, in concrete terms, to teach to high standards with attention to the needs of all students.

What is Atlasnext?

Connect your planned curriculum to classroom instruction, assessment, grading, and report cards all in one platform. Learn more.

What is a Rubicon Atlas?

Atlas Rubicon is a curriculum mapping and management tool that the Quakertown Community School District utilizes in order to: Organize and plan what is happening in district courses at specific points during the school year. Describe what students will experience during the year in specific content areas.

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