Is Talon good mid?

Is Talon good mid?

Talon Build 11.19 ranks as an C-Tier pick for the Mid Lane role in Season 11. This champion currently has a Win Rate of 50.7% (Bad), Pick Rate of 2.17% (High), and a Ban Rate of 0.55% (Low).

Is Talon the best mid Laner?

League of Legends: Talon rules over the mid lane on Patch 10.9. Talon has secured a place in the mid lane S tier on Patch 10.9. Despite having a relatively low pick rate of just 5.1% (the 15th highest of all mid laners), Talon boasts the highest win rate in his role on Patch 10.9 at 53.05%.

How does Yasuo counter Talon?

Don’t let him auto crit you, or proc bleed. You should never hit by both parts of his w since its so slow, which in turn makes his bleed very hard to do. Honestly just keep trading q for rake(as long as you only get hit once, and you should outtrade him).

Is Talon difficult to play?

As for gameplay Talon isn’t difficult to play nor master, however that doesn’t mean he is easy to win with, main reason being the Late game if you get to that point the game will suddenly be much! harder, generally speaking he is a Solid champion with amazing early game and an extremely strong Roam.

What is Talon good at?

Talon is a very good champion for solo queue. His strength in the early game and his roaming potential is very dangerous in the right hands. Talon can get his team ahead with his powerful roams, often leading to early won games if you play him correctly.

What Lane is Talon best in?

While he might not be the most popular champion, Talon is an extremely powerful mid lane assassin who matches up well against many of the other assassins in League of Legends.

Can Yasuo beat Talon?

Like most assassins, Talon will eventually come out on top. However, he has no all-in pressure before his Tiamat. Regarding tips there’s not much to say, you either do or don’t. So in that sense, Talon is a counter to Yasuo because he can dodge your Steel Tempests.