How reliable is a DB9?

How reliable is a DB9?

The Aston Martin DB9 does have some reliability issues. Most of them tend to be about general build quality, but the fancy Linn stereo has also caused the odd problem, with some units malfunctioning and then needing replacement.

Which Aston Martin is most reliable?

The Vantage is the most reliable Aston Martin. There are also several V12 models such as the DB9, DBS and Rapide which receive great owner feedback on reliability. Aston Martin has been focusing on improving the reliability of their new cars over a number of years, and has found some success.

Is the Aston Martin DB9 a supercar?

Stewart: The Aston is out of its league in terms of a supercar that’s really racetrack capable. The DB9 is a tasteful, understated and gorgeous long-distance touring machine. This would be the one to take up HWY 1 from LA to Pebble Beach. In that regard, it might compete more with a Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG S-Class Coupe.

Are there reliability ratings on Aston Martin DB9?

There are no reliability ratings on Aston Martin vehicles because their owners don’t worry about such things. If you’re worried about it you can’t afford the car. Before you purchase a DB9 you better line up a mechanic who’s willing (and able) to work on it. You won’t buy Aston Martin parts at Advance Auto or Pep Boys.

What’s the difference between a DB9 and a DBS?

The doors were upgraded from the DB9 to the DBS with a light weight base to give a more aerodynamic feel to the car itself. Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to the DB style along the body, not too many lines or curves to take away from the simplistic beauty.

What kind of engine does the Ford DB9 have?

The DB9 is built on a Ford VH platform and powered by a Ford Duratec V-12 engine. Reliability might not be so terrible. Basic maintenance might not be blisteringly expensive. texases July 5, 2016, 9:34pm #9

What kind of shocks does Aston Martin DB9 have?

The DB9 also received new Bilstein shocks, redesigned suspension components, and a stiffer chassis. In 2013, the Aston Martin DB9 received new looks, a standard limited-slip differential, adaptive dampers, and a power boost to 510 hp and 471 lb-ft, Car and Driver reports.