Can you get 9mm subsonic?

Can you get 9mm subsonic?

There are some subsonic 9mm and . 45 Auto rounds with heavier weights or grains and slower velocities than the 147 grain. For example, the quieter Fiocchi 9mm 158 grain FMJ and the Fiocchi .

Is 147 gr subsonic 9mm?

When the 9mm, 147 grain subsonic hollowpoint was introduced in September 1987, it was hailed as the solution to a tough stopping-power problem. Every ammo company that makes a 147 grain subsonic hollowpoint also makes standard pressure and +P+ pressure ammo, which is much more suited to police use.

Is 9mm Luger subsonic?

9mm Luger | Subsonic | 147 Grain | FMJFP | Aguila.

Is 145 grain 9mm subsonic?

9MM 145GR TULA FMJ Subsonic (TA9SUB) offers substantial noise reduction without sacrificing accuracy or reliability. Loaded with clean-burning powders to help maximize reliably and consistency.

Is subsonic 9mm good for self defense?

Subsonic ammo is typically extremely quiet through a suppressor, mild recoiling, fun to shoot, and useful in hunting and self-defense applications.

What grain makes 9mm subsonic?

147 gr
As an example, the very common 9×19mm Parabellum standard military round is a 7.5 grams (116 gr) bullet at velocities typically around 360 metres per second (1,200 ft/s). Subsonic loads for 9mm commonly use 9.5 grams (147 gr) bullets at velocities of 300 metres per second (980 ft/s).

What makes a 9mm subsonic?

If your bullet is traveling slower than the speed of sound (1,100fps), then it won’t break the sound barrier and produce the sonic crack associated with traditional gunfire. It is inherently subsonic due to its relatively heavy projectile that keeps its speed below 1,100 feet per second.

What is best bullet weight for 9mm?

It is probably best to start with a “middle of the road” bullet weight and work from there. For 9mm, that would be a 124-grain load. 147-grain seems to be very popular these days (no doubt due in part to the “bigger number = better” mentality), but there are certain caveats you need to be aware of with that choice.