How do I fix windows no disk exception processing message c0000013?

How do I fix windows no disk exception processing message c0000013?

This error message is caused by virus or spyware activity. To resolve this error, update virus and spyware definitions and perform a complete system scan. Once the viruses and spyware have been removed, run the installation again.

How do you remove there is no disk in the drive?

To fix no disk in the drive:

  1. Move and Replug in a Removable Drive.
  2. Change Drive Letter.
  3. Disable the Drive in Device Manager.
  4. Format the Drive.
  5. Edit Registry.
  6. Check and Fix Disk Error.

How to fix Windows No disk error in xp?

If you already backed-up the registry, Let’s begin:

  1. Go to Run > regedit > OK.
  2. Go to this key : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Windows.
  3. Double click the DWORD value name “ErrorMode”.
  4. Change value data to “2” without quotes. >
  5. Close your “Windows – No Disk” Message Box, Now it will gone forever!

What does exception processing message mean?

The Exception Processing Message is an error that may appear at the system startup or while you are trying to launch a certain application. This error might be accompanied by varying error codes in different cases, such as 0xc000007b, 0xc0000135, 0xc0000005, and so on.

Why does my computer say there is no disc in the drive?

According to, “there is no disk in the drive” can occur when either of the following conditions is true: You have a removable drive configured as drive letter C. You do not have a removable disk in the removable disk drive.

How do I fix insert disc problem?

How do I fix the Please insert the disk error?

  1. Edit your registry.
  2. Change the drive letter.
  3. Download the latest updates.
  4. Run the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter.
  5. Download and install a different chipset driver.
  6. Use the default DVD driver.
  7. Disable the USB device from Device Manager.
  8. Repair the installation.

How do I fix exception processing message 0xc00007b parameters?

As several affected users have reported, you can ensure that the ‘Exception Processing Message 0xc000007b Parameters’ error goes away for good by accessing your Registry Editor and changing the value of Error Mode to from 0 to 2. This will ensure that no startup errors will be displayed ever again.

How can I solve insert disk problem?

Methods to recover multimedia files from USB drive showing insert disk error:

  1. Use different USB port.
  2. Try heating up or cooling the drive manually.
  3. Use reliable third-party software to recover.
  4. Update Windows Driver.
  5. Assign a unique drive letter to the USB.
  6. Reinstall Drivers.
  7. Try using the manufacturer’s repair utility.

What is setup needs the next disk?

The installer is expecting the specified file in the specified path, but it’s not there. This could be because the installation files were incompletely copied to another location, the self-extraction process did not complete successfully, or some other reason.