Can we go to Andaman by ship?

Can we go to Andaman by ship?

It takes 2.5 days to 3 days to reach Andamans by sea or ship depending on the ship you are traveling and on the weather conditions. You can board ships from Chennai, Kolkata or Vizag from particular days of a week. Ship schedules can be checked from the website published by Andaman Nicobar Administration.

How much does a Andaman trip cost?

Popular Andaman tour Packages Cost:

Andaman tour Packages No. of Days Price (per Person)
Andaman Honeymoon package 4Days and 5Night Rs 11,200/-
Andaman Adventure 3Days 4Nights Rs 7,800/-
Delightful Andaman 4days 5 days Rs 9,900/-
Exotic Andaman (Luxury) 5Days 6Nights Rs 15,500/-

How I can book ship for Andaman?

Note: Currently there is no online portal for booking ships to Andaman. Tourists must be present at the STARS (Ship Ticket Advance Reservation System) office located in Kolkata, Vishakhapatnam, or Chennai to get their tickets.

What is the fare from Chennai to Andaman by ship?


Name of the Vessel Class of Accommodation Fare for Non-Islanders
MV Swarajdweep/Nancowry/ Nicobar/Campbell Bay Deluxe 1st Class Cabin 2nd Class Cabin Bunk Class 11295 9365 7445 2905
MV Coral Queen Deluxe Semi Deluxe 1st Class Cabin Bunk Class 11295 10290 9365 2905

Is Passport required for Andaman?

#1 Do I need a passport/visa to go to Andaman? For Indians: No passport/visa/permission is required. They can stay in permitted areas for as long as they want. RAP is issued for a 30-day visit to the Andaman & Nicobar Islands and is extendable up to 15 more days.

Which is better Maldives or Andaman?

Which is better Maldives vs Andaman? While both Maldives and Andaman are equally good to visit but the Maldives has private islands for their tourists and Andamans is covered in every way with natural beauty. The Maldives is an ideal destination for all couples as it has private resorts, beaches for tourists.